Keepers & the Soul Key - Chapter 3

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Selena seems to have an idea where Meridian is and is hasty to find her. Echo reminds Selena the Angel said the chosen one can only retrieve the sword.

Grandmother had an old handkerchief held up to her face as she stared at her grandson. Aiden’s grandfather, only a few steps away, shared his gratitude to the long-time pastor of their church. Every so often he would glance back at his wife, and he nodded to Chris who looked back at him. Chris kept his arm around Aiden’s grandmother as she placed her hand on Aiden’s forehead and brushed his hair away from his eyes.

There he lay, quiet and still, his face seemed bright, and the color of his cheeks remained even in death. His lips had a slight upturn as though wherever Aiden was, he was in peace. Not far away within the cemetery, there was one being, who stood in the distance paying his respects to his only son. Talon, even as a fallen, struggled to hold in his pain of losing his only son he never met. The spirit guides did not miss a moment of the service for Aiden.

Relic and Kieren watched Chris comfort Aiden’s grandmother while Pramlee and Ridge moved closer hand in hand to Aiden to say their goodbyes. As they approached, they turned their attention toward the ones who could answer the questions that the guides, Esmra, and Tallulah would have. There she stood, regal and deliberate, the Fairy Queen and her daughter arrived alongside the nymphs.

“Guides, have you been able to locate Aiden and Meridian?”

They all shook their heads. “Selena, we have no idea where they are,” Ridge explained. “We thought you would know where Aiden is. We understand that Aiden was in his last life; This was his last human life. If he learned the lessons, the Universe sent for him to accomplish in his past lives, it would leave him with a choice, to move on to be a spirit guide or to live another human life.”

Relic interrupted. “What if he lived another human life? Is he some infant somewhere? Or maybe he didn’t learn his lessons?”

Pramlee irritated with Relic, shook her head with a face full of disdain. “Relic? Aiden was a wonderful person; I am sure he had the choice. He realized that when he gave his life that Meridian was set free, it would only make sense he was a spirit guide.”

Talon shared his irritation with Pramlee with obvious disdain across his face toward Relic. Relic shrugged his shoulders and looked into Talon’s eyes, with regret. “I am sorry I do not believe that either, but everything that has happened nothing makes sense.”

Selena rubbed her chin as she thought, “The fairies, we have not seen his ghost at all. So, he is not lost or sticking around for unfinished business.” She looked to Kieren and Relic and ignited a round of questioning. “So, have you all returned to Etheria since Aiden’s passing?”

“Yes. Arianna, Charity, Janus, Cora, Brennan, and Chance are still missing. No one speaks of them. Warrick is back in the realm like nothing happened. He is calm, and he removed the ban on Spirit Guides watching over their humans. He hasn’t cast any other guides out, and he isn’t threatening all kinds of punishments on any of us.” Kieren answered.

Selena’s face grew in suspicion. “What? That is not like Warrick. What of Farrah and Slaten?”

Relic, who stared at the fairy nymph Lotus, broke his attention and smiled to answer Selena’s question. “They are there. I spoke with them both. They are just as baffled. He even called a gathering, just like we always did, where guides come to welcome the new spirit guides. Meridian or Aiden wasn’t there, and Slaten and Farrah were just as puzzled once we told them what happened. Slaten is sticking around to monitor his father; he suspects he is up to something as usual.”

Luna stared at Relic with sad eyes, as she missed him, and no longer in forced nuptials by her mother, she knew that he was taken with Lotus and felt she was losing her rightful chance with Relic. She walked up to him while the exchange was taking place and stood next to him in hopes to garner some attention. Relic fidgeted his hands, with her close presence and struggled to make any eye contact with the fairy.

Selena stood listening but studied her daughter and Relic together with much concern. Despite her fears for her daughter, she maintained her agenda, to get down to the bottom of what was going on within the realms. “Ridge, Echo still holds the key she stole from Warrick, the key to the hall of souls. The Angel gave the blessing for the chosen one to get the sword to destroy the demons. We need Meridian, how can we locate her? Would the keepers have this answer? Would they share?”

Karma said, “When I went into the Hall of Souls, the angel was particular that only the chosen one might use the sword to restore Etheria. I did not hear that the chosen one had to be the one to retrieve it from the cave it is said where the sword remains. “What if we all make the journey? What if we find the sword? In the meantime, we continue to track down Meridian and not to forget Aiden.”

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