Meridian Chronicles: Keepers & the Soul Key Chapter 3 Part 2

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They both laughed at the funny memory. “Aiden, he lived. He stood for what he believed in but was humble enough to admit when he was wrong. Few his age can do that. Wherever Aiden is, just like he was here, he will be okay. Remember, this isn’t the end. We will see Aiden again. I promise.”

Grandma’s face turned serious. “What do you mean?”

“I do not know what happens when we die. I wished I knew for sure. But I believe that whatever happens, Aiden will be there.” He said with confidence and a shimmer in his tired but hopeful eyes.


Talon maintained his distance while he watched the suffering pair together get up to leave Aiden’s room, struggling to hold his emotion in. His red face and yellow eyes seemed to bulge as though within his body, he contained a dam of tears and pain from which he could not hold any further. As the unfortunate couple left Aiden’s room, there Talon perched himself on Aiden’s old desk, where he to let out his tears as he studied the picture of Meridian on the desk.

Aiden’s grandmother left Aiden’s bed, with hesitance taking her husband by the hand. While Aiden’s grandfather helped his wife walk away, she couldn’t help but turn and look over her shoulder and stare at Aiden’s old t-shirt. Her face solemn, she carried a look of abandonment in leaving his room.

After Talon had his moment of silence to remember his son and watched the couple’s sadness, it was all he could stand to remain in Aiden’s room. He went back to the barn and was greeted by another being. The last one he would want to see. There he sat casually on top of a solitary hay bale, pretending not to be interested in being there.

“Well, well, well. Now how did I know you would be here, Talon? Missing someone, are you? Is your mind full of unanswered questions? Must be quite a state you are in.”

Talon’s face, full of disgust and with a venomous tone said, “Lahash. What do you want? Why are you even here?”

Lahash stood from the hay bale and began a casual stroll within the barn. “Talon, now is that a way to greet someone that is here to provide some answers?”

“What do you want!? I just lost my son, who I never knew, never had the chance to know. Worse, he isn’t in Etheria, the fairies haven’t seen him. No one knows where he is. You wouldn’t help me or anyone else. Get out!” Talon’s voice was low and quick.

Lahash waved his index finger up, stopping in his casual stroll. “Now, now, Talon. I have helped you before, remember the witch. Maybe I can help you again.”

Talon’s body froze, his jaw characteristically locked tight, he stared at Lahash with mistrust. “Where is my son?”

Lahash threw his head back and said, “Not that easy now, Talon. I may need a bit from you first. I need a lot of things. I will tell you where your son is if you will tell me what the plans of the fairies and the guides are.”

Talon broke his stiff composure, and he turned away from Lahash. “No, I will not help you. What would you ask me, anyway? You have your ways of finding things out. You don’t need me to tell you anything. Get out.”

“I already know about the sword, the blessing from the keeper. I know that the guides will have to have the sword to destroy Warrick. What if Warrick’s destruction could happen without the sword? Maybe he is on his way of falling out of any favor within the court. Ever think of that? That he may not be in Etheria with or without your help.”

Talon briskly turned to face Lahash, followed by a futile stomping toward the swaggering demon, “What do you speak of? We will retrieve the sword, we will take out Warrick, we do not need your help.”

Lahash chuckled. “Oh Talon, so feisty. Warrick will hold council soon, he has convinced the Etherians that nothing is wrong, to go back to normal. He believes. Seems that some of them are not buying his story. It would help when the fairies break into the dark realm to have a little help?”

“What do you want Lahash? Spill it.” Talon said.

Lahash’s face darkened and his eyes forceful, locked on Talon, “I want Echo, I want for my life to go back to the way it was before Warrick pulled his cursing stunt on Meridian. We can remove Warrick from power, Etheria can exist the way it always has, without him in power. Demons can continue to exist as the things were, just minding our own business on Earth and taking what we need from the downtrodden of humans.”

“Lahash, things will never be the same, and you know that. We will destroy Warrick either way. His time is closing in on him. With the help of the fairies, the spirit guides, and the fallen can achieve this, we do not need help from a demon.” Talon lost interest and started to leave the barn.

Lahash, moved toward Talon and said, “Talon, you care to know where your son is, don’t you?”

Talon stopped in the barn doorway and maintained his back to the swaggering demon. “Of course, I do, but not at the expense of others.”

Lahash rushed to Talon’s side, his face was in slight surprise that the fallen one was not so convinced. “I will create a way into the dark realm where no one will know you came. Bring the nymphs, and I will free your passage and the council members Charity and Brennan that have been held prisoners, will be freed.”

Talon turned and looked at Lahash in amusement. “I thought you said you would tell me where my son is, or is that a lie? Do you even know?”

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