Meridian Chronicles: Keepers & the Soul Key Chapter 3 Part 3

Slaten confronts his father, Warrick for all his misdeeds back in Etheria.

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"Yes, I know. When we were there, during the fighting, I picked Relic up, and we flew upward and stayed on a ledge for. I turned around and spotted a small opening where the dark one's demon soldiers were coming from. Tiny and would only open long enough for them to rush through before closing. I think beyond the opening there is much more there."

Echo looked to Lotus in irritation. "So why didn't you share this before?"

Lotus shrugged her shoulders and looked away. "No one asked.

Selena took pause to Lotus and her comment, raising an eyebrow to what she heard. "We can get in here." Selena pointed to the same area where Ridge and Orion exited. Orion can lead us; he was back there when they were taken. I believe that this passageway will lead us to the other Spirit Guides that have been taken away. We need Charity and Brennan... to get them back. Once we get them back, the fallen will have to join us, we will return to Etheria at the council meeting and confront Warrick.


Meanwhile, Warrick who had returned to Etheria did not understand what the demons were planning and no idea that Selena continued to prepare to face him, and expose Warrick for what he was to those guides who remained in the dark of the many realities of their realm. After having a gathering in the great room, that had not seen a crowd of new guides in some time, Warrick went about his usual routine aside from damage control he insisted could be done regarding his son Slaten and his wife, Farrah.

There he sat in his quarters at his great round table, alone, without his usual company or coup of guides who worshiped the ground he walked on. Alone, he sat pondering the way of things as he stared at some journals that Farrah had requested prior. For quite some time he sat, going through the journals only rising to pace in front of his window to look out upon Etheria, to see that things were as they should be, in his mind. Devising his plan to explain away the other council members Charity and Brennan that he did not want to see a return from the dark realm.

A knock came at his chambers but before Warrick could rise and determine who the visitor was a voice on the other side said, "Father, it is just me, Slaten. I need to talk to you."

Warrick moved from his chair and arrived to open the door to be greeted by the son who had developed quite a disdain for his father. There Slaten stood, looking down at his father with his steel-grey eyes. Slaten did not wait for an invitation, pushing past his father brushing against Warrick as he walked through. Slaten continued his walk-through Warrick's quarters and circled the table, his eyes surveying the journals. He stopped and stood behind the chair the Warrick always seated himself in and crossed his arms glaring at Warrick.

"Father, you know that there has been much left unsaid between us. It is not a secret I do not agree with what you have done to those I care about. I know who you are, Selena told us while in the Fairy Realm." Slaten's face turned red, his eyes sharp, and he began to raise his voice. "Why!? Why did you do what you did to Charity? Caius? Now a guide I care for, you took her away too."

Warrick appeared puzzled. "Who? What guide? Janus?" Warrick walked toward the window, keeping his face turned away from Slaten, rested his hand on the sill. Slaten watched his father's face in the reflection of through the windowpane. "Son, she broke the law along with that red-headed sprite of a guide who I do not understand how she came to be here anyway, Cora that was her name. They were conspirators in Caius and Arianna's escape."

Slaten shook his head, advancing toward Warrick. "No! You imprisoned both Caius and Arianna. You allowed your own personal feelings to ruin so many lives, and you do not care. You have been angry Arianna didn't want you. Then you betray my mother, with your affair. Having Pramlee as my sister is not something I would trade despite how she arrived here. But the rest, killing Pramlee's mother! Lying about it to mother. I looked up to you! I even defended you to Caius when he shared the news of what you were doing. I didn't want to believe him!" Slaten's pent up rage was rising to the surface, and he shouted louder, throwing his hands into the air over his head. "WHY! Why have you done this to me, to my family... to my friends?" Slaten began to shed a tear and break down through his anger.

Warrick in shock of hearing his son break down-turned and walked to the table where Slaten still stood. "Slaten, I never meant to hurt anyone. I loved Arianna, yes, but her husband broke the law. He made himself known to the human contemplating suicide. It is forbidden!"

Slaten regained some composure, and for a moment, his break down subsided. "Why? Why is it forbidden? Before you came into power, guides always revealed their selves to those in need. That is what we did." Slaten's voice lowered, with an epiphany. "Oh, yes. I know why. You are not a guide; you never will be. You are the scum of the realms, nothing more than a demon." Slaten turned his back away and scanned Warrick's walls of the artwork of the pictures of those leaders come and gone through the centuries. "I know that you were born a demon, that you can't help what you are. But for me, for me." Slaten turned and locked his eyes with Warrick. "I am a half demon and half guide now. According to Selena, it won't come to anything unless I submit my soul to the dark. Is this true?"

Warrick seated himself back at the table, resting his face on his clasped hands. He did not acknowledge Slaten. Keeping his eyes low and stared at the table, he nodded. Slaten sat down at the table, his face lightened, he was hopeful for just a spell.

"So it is true, for once a fairy told the truth," Slaten said as he relaxed.

Warrick shot his eyes upward. "Fairies cannot lie, they are just fantastic at manipulating the truth and playing tricks. They are not too different from demons."

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