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Meridian Chronicles: Keepers & the Soul Key Chapter 4

Back on Earth, Tallulah and Esmra were at Tallulah's house shortly after the funeral. Esmra went upstairs to the room she stayed in. Atop the stairs, she stopped in front of Meridian's room, walked in and sat on the bed looking around. She ran her hands across the fluffy down blanket and smiled at the memory of Aiden lying face down, giving everyone a scare the day they all believed that Meridian's curse broke.

Esmra continued to stare at the space where Aiden once lay recounting her thoughts. Tallulah broke Esmra's quiet reminiscing as she jogged to the top of the squeaky stairs.

"I thought you were here. I can still smell her. She is everywhere in my house, Esmra." Tallulah crossed her arms and dropped her head to hide a solitary tear rolling down her face. "Just days ago, Meridian seemed to have found an answer to that nasty curse; she had the one she loved and now look. We should never have left here to get the sword. I should have known something would go wrong. I was so tired. If I had better reflexes, I could have avoided the wreck."

Esmra stood up from the bed, walked to Tallulah, and took her by her hands. "Look at me," Esmra said. "Look up at me." Tallulah raised her head. "None of this was anyone's fault. It would not have mattered if we had the wreck or not. Pyro, Raina... all of that would have happened, eventually. Raina was not going to stop until she got what she wanted. Be thankful the nymphs destroyed her and Pyro, saving Meridian from being destroyed. We may not know where she is, but I believe that where ever she is, she is safe and we will see her again."

Tallulah cried, and leaned in to take a much-needed hug from her friend. After a brief embrace, she let go of Tallulah, making sure to hold one of her hands. "Come on, let's go. I think the fairies will be here soon. They have their plans. We need to be in the right frame of mind to help."

Esmra led Tallulah back out of Meridian's room and shut the door. They went back downstairs, and Esmra took over Tallulah's kitchen, firing up a pot of water for their ritualistic tea drinking routines. "Getting back to everyday things, it is the best medicine. Maybe you should open up your shop, do some readings."

Tallulah sat at her table, looked out of her window while Esmra gathered everything needed for their tea. Esmra searched the cupboards for honey, coffee cups, and lemon. By the time she found what she had needed, the whistle from the pot had sounded off. Tallulah turned to watch Esmra pouring the steaming water from the spout of the pot. "Esmra, have you sensed Talon? I don't feel the guides anymore... or Talon. Where do you think they went?"

Esmra shook her head as she set the tea out for Tallulah. "Oh, I don't know for sure, but we will hear from them soon. They already went to the spirit realm where things seemed to be normal and with no sign of Meridian, I am sure we will hear from them soon."

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