Keepers & the Soul Key-Chapter 5 Pt 4

Karma enters the hall of souls and who is it she finds?

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"We do not interfere with fate, the will of humankind, even the guides. We are the keepers of souls. We protect only souls. We will not stop you from anything you choose or what path you take. You of anyone know all choices have a consequence good or bad." The voice said.

Karma stood up and looked into the dark atmosphere. "What do I have to do to find Meridian?"

From the darkness, a small light came through from high above, and it hovered over one of the doors where souls rest. Karma walked down the hall toward the light and stood looking at the door; then she looked to her hand that held the keys to the hall of souls. After a moment of pondering, she lifted her hand to insert the key into the door, and it fit. As she turned the key, there was a loud clicking noise that sounded just once, and an explosion ensued, sending Karma flying backward into another door.

She quickly came to her feet and looked at her hand; then she looked toward the area where she once stood to open the door. The door was gone leaving a bright light, blinding to look at and from within the light stood a silhouette of a woman with long hair. Karma braced herself. She put her arm up in front of her eyes and crawled forward to see the presence was that stood in the light. As she moved closer, the silhouette emerged a familiar translucent face with bright and alluring green eyes.

Karma stared a moment longer. "Meridian?"

Meridian stood as the spirit guide that she was, her long platinum hair swathed over her shoulders and her infinity mark glowed just as the day she left Earth. She walked forward and reached her arms out and said, "Karma, it is you!"

Meridian and Karma embraced one another. "How did you know it was me?" Meridian asked.

"I don't know. The keepers, they questioned why I was here. I didn't think they would lead me to you." Karma said.

"They didn't lead you to me, you did." Meridian smiled as she held Karma's hands.

"Are you ready to face what is out there? There is a war going on. We have exposed Warrick."

Meridian brought her eyes up to Karma, and her face lost its beaming smile, "Aiden!"

The pair walked through the hall and made it to the grand doors that opened instantly for them to exit. The same voice spoke out as they walked away. "All choices lead to a consequence. From that consequence, fate will show you who you are."

The door slammed shut, alerting the guides who remained in panic and confusion. Warrick disappeared in the chaos leaving behind those who came to confront him. As everyone in the room turned to see what was behind the noise, gasps filled the room when all eyes landed on the powerful fairy standing next to the one being everyone was in search of.

Relic's heavy demeanor lightened up; his face broke into a grand smile, his eyes brightened to see someone he was so smitten with and return as he always remembered her. "Meridian." He whispered.

Kieren, who had taken a moment to help Pramlee compose herself looked at Relic, who still stared at Meridian. Kieren darted his eyes away to see what he was staring at in such pleasure. Kieren lay his eyes on Meridian, and tugged Pramlee's arm, pointing with his other hand without a word. Pramlee's eyes widened, she jumped up and clapped her hands together quickly and ran to Meridian. "Meridian! Oh, Meridian! We found you!"

Pramlee plummeted into Meridian, knocking her over with her happy hug. "Meridian, oh, we have been so worried! So much has happened." Pramlee kicked up at high speed as she began recounting the things that had transpired since Meridian left Earth.

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