Keepers & the Soul Key-Chapter 7

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Tallulah and Esmra have a strange visitor.......

Keepers & The Soul Key- Tallulah and Esmra get a strange visitor.

Back on Earth, the two best friend witches not only struggled with Aiden's passing but Meridian leaving for Etheria hung over them like a dark cloud. Tallulah barely opened her shop back up. She stood in her reading room and gazed at the tarot deck placed in front of her.

Through the red curtains, Esmra peeked in, "Tallulah, what are you doing?"

"I am doing a reading; can't you see that? I need to do a three-month spread on myself, want to join?"

Esmra pulled a seat up to her table and quietly watched Tallulah run her hands over the cards. "You know, this may not be the best time to do a reading, you are upset."

Tallulah had on clothes from the day prior, her hair unkempt her tired eyes told of the sleepless nights.

Tallulah did not pay any mind to what she heard. Esmra placed her hand over Tallulah's hands. "Tallulah, look at me."

Tallulah would not bring her tired eyes to look upward. "Esmra, stop. I need to do a reading; I need to know where Meridian is. The guides and the fairies have not come around since the funeral; I can't stand not knowing where she or even where Aiden is." Tallulah put her other hand over her forehead. Her eyes glistened with tears, and her lips quivered as she tried to stifle her own emotions.

"I understand how you feel; I think you are tired and unwell. Please, go upstairs and get some needed rest. I can close the shop down for today. Allow yourself to mourn and give it more time. I know we will hear from the guides."

Tallulah darted her eyes upward to Esmra and let out a sigh. "Okay, I will. But promise me if we do not hear from them by tomorrow, you will let me be to do a reading. Everyone deals with things differently, allow me to cope the only way I can. Thank you for being such a good friend." She walked away and went upstairs to rest.

Esmra noticed through the window that someone was approaching and she quickly went to the door, "Hello, I am sorry, I was just getting ready to close the shop down, Tallulah isn't well." She said to the woman who stood on the porch of Tallulah's place.

The woman shook her head. "I am not here for a reading. I need to talk to Tallulah; is there any way she would have time for a brief visit?"

Esmra looked her up and down. The woman was casually dressed, wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day and didn't remove her glasses when she spoke.

"Well it is like I said, she is unwell. I can leave a message for her if you give me your number I will see to it she gets it. What is your name?"

The woman ignored Esmra's request but looked around at the porch and then into the window. "Ma'am, is there something else I can do for you?" Esmra asked.

The woman laughed, "No." She walked away; her gait was swift but awkward. Esmra walked back into the living room and shut the door, locked up and looked through the curtains one last time before she went back into Tallulah's reading room. On the shelves were incense and a red leather-bound book rested in-between the several others. Esmra ran her fingers down the row of books and stopped at the red book. She pulled the book down, and examined the cover which said, 'Demon Possessions.'

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