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Updated: Sep 5, 2020

With a book coming out in April, I thought I would write a little about it, along with the two new books that will come out over the next year.

I have to say it is hard because by the time the book is released, more than likely, I had been writing on it for over 18 months. Typically, I am already on the next book or even one after.

Meridian Chronicles: Keepers & The Soul Key

So I will talk about the recent book Meridian Chronicles: Keepers & The Soul Key (#4) and last to the series. Then I will talk about the next two books coming out from The Demon Chronicles Series. First, Nevoc & The Necromancer and then Lahash & Black Moon Lilith.

For this last book in the Meridian Chronicles Series, I am glad that I have finished writing it. I was unsure as I wrote each book how I would feel when it was over. Truth is, these books led me more into what I enjoy writing about.

I weaved the afterlife into stories about Fairies, witches, Halloween, and the dark. The first two books in the series Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies and Black Widow Curse & The Coven, I don't think showed the dark all too much. Neither does the last book in the series because the last book represents a place in a person's life of acceptance, realization, and enlightenment.

Meridian, in all books, starts young, naïve, and goes through an evil curse, leaving her lonely and lost. Then to the realization of what she is, what she has to do, and the risks involved. Into understanding herself, others, and sacrifices.

Life As We Know It

As much as some past readers didn't like the cliff hangers from the past books, (I can't help it, I just have to do it), if they stay with the series, and get to the end of this last book, it will all make sense. There isn't light without dark or good without evil, and life in most cases is a vast grey area, but when the time comes, black or white, choices have to be made, and with decisions comes consequences good or bad. Sometimes we aren't the same, live through events that change us to our core, show us who our genuine friends are, and maybe find some ironic friend who was always there, just hidden in plain sight.

The last book is a culmination of all of them. Each book represented a person who goes through a tough time and comes out on the other end different, but with a new point of view. An understanding that we don't always get what we want (sometimes we do), but the dreadful things you go through in life aren't what make you who you are. Still, it is how you handle each situation that makes you who you are.

Black Widow Curse & The Coven

As I carried the writing to the end, I found out I wanted to get to know a character I invented who lives in the dark, and that is Raina. I introduce her in the second book in the series. She is a witch, with a past with Esmra. It was Esmra who kicked Raina out of her coven from a time ago. But I don't reveal what it was.

Nevoc & The Necromancer

Readers get to find out what Raina did to get kicked out of Esmra's coven, as the entire story 'Nevoc & the Necromancer' is what Raina did and who she is. If readers go back to 'Black Widow Curse & The Coven,' she mentions why she was kicked out, but not the events that led her there, and that is where this recent book will shine the light.

Nevoc is coven spelled backward, and it is the name of the bar in Salem (fictional, of course), and Raina is purchasing this place from Esmra. During this time, Raina lives in the coven with Esrma while she is working and trying to become more established.

During this time, Amelia, Raina's roommate, and best friend clean out Esmra's closet. She finds the box, which is Pandora's box. Pandora is a necromancer fairy who 100 years prior helped lost souls cross over, just as Selena (the fairy queen) speaks of in 'Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies.

Pandora's Box

Pandora does the ultimate rule violation by consorting with a high-ranking demon, Naberious. Which this demon was worshipped by Egyptians centuries ago, and through the ages, some looked at him as a benevolent being versus a straight demon hence gives him his character of he may be a demon. Still, he isn't as bad as we label demons.

Travel Back in Time to the City of the Dead

So, as Meridian Chronicles discusses past lives, soul keys (soul mates) here, this theme plays again. This time it is between a fairy and a demon. Pandora, in her previous life, was an Egyptian priestess, and that is how he came to know her. Several lives later, he finds her again and takes her to the gates of time in the dark realm. They travel back to ancient Egypt, to the city of the dead, so he can show her that past and reconnect as lovers.

I can't tell the rest, but sure enough, she suffers for what she does, and her mother casts her out with her soul locked away in the underworld. A human necromancer can only release her can only through the ancient box that 2 modern-day witches discover.

Naberious self exiles himself from the demon court back to Egypt.

The caveat here is when she is released, Pandora isn't who they think she is, and that is when things go off track. Raina believes she can use Pandora to capture the heart of a boy she met, and 2 lingering demons want to capitalize on this as the dark one wants Naberious back. If these two demons can convince Naberious to return, well, then they would be in favor at court. Any idea who those two demons are?


Pandora settled and looked in his eyes. “You believe that woman is me and we were together in a previous life?”

Naberious kept his eyes low as if he were giving her bad news, “Yes. I am sorry if I have never told you this. But fairies can live other lives. It is not common for a fairy to live another life, but humans can live again as a fairy, just as they can a spirit guide. It is just very rare. Have you never asked about your father?”

Pandora’s eyes narrowed, “No. I know most male fairies are only interested in other male fairies. Not all but most. My mother explained to me that myself and my younger sister were given to her from the universe. That we were created from there.”

Naberious was incredulous. “You mean she tells you that, and you believe it?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Pandora’s voice raised.

“I guess you are right, why wouldn’t you? You come from the Universe, but you came from a life before. Usually, fairies are created from another life of someone with gifts, special powers like her.” Naberious nodded to the woman he knew from another life as she jumped back into bed.

“So you want to start up again? You want a life from thousands of years ago? This is crazy!” Pandora shouted, “What happened to her?”

“They considered her a Priestess when she was discovered calling upon a demon; they put her to death. I never had the chance to protect her, to save her. She died because of me.”

Pandora drew a deep breath. “If you can time travel, why didn’t you travel back in time before, and stop it?”

“I tried that. It didn’t work. It is impossible to travel back in time and change what has already happened. I may be a powerful being, but I can’t overpower the Universe.” He looked up into the darkened sky and smiled watching the twinkling of the stars.