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With a book coming out in April, I thought I would write a little about it, along with the two new books that will come out over the next year.

I have to say it is hard because by the time the book is released, more than likely, I had been writing on it for over 18 months. Typically, I am already on the next book or even one after.

Meridian Chronicles: Keepers & The Soul Key

So I will talk about the recent book Meridian Chronicles: Keepers & The Soul Key (#4) and last to the series. Then I will talk about the next two books coming out from The Demon Chronicles Series. First, Nevoc & The Necromancer and then Lahash & Black Moon Lilith.

For this last book in the Meridian Chronicles Series, I am glad that I have finished writing it. I was unsure as I wrote each book how I would feel when it was over. Truth is, these books led me more into what I enjoy writing about.

I weaved the afterlife into stories about Fairies, witches, Halloween, and the dark. The first two books in the series Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies and Black Widow Curse & The Coven, I don't think showed the dark all too much. Neither does the last book in the series because the last book represents a place in a person's life of acceptance, realization, and enlightenment.

Meridian, in all books, starts young, naïve, and goes through an evil curse, leaving her lonely and lost. Then to the realization of what she is, what she has to do, and the risks involved. Into understanding herself, others, and sacrifices.

Life As We Know It

As much as some past readers didn't like the cliff hangers from the past books, (I can't help it, I just have to do it), if they stay with the series, and get to the end of this last book, it will all make sense. There isn't light without dark or good without evil, and life in most cases is a vast grey area, but when the time comes, black or white, choices have to be made, and with decisions comes consequences good or bad. Sometimes we aren't the same, live through events that change us to our core, show us who our genuine friends are, and maybe find some ironic friend who was always there, just hidden in plain sight.

The last book is a culmination of all of them. Each book represented a person who goes through a tough time and comes out on the other end different, but with a new point of view. An understanding that we don't always get what we want (sometimes we do), but the dreadful things you go through in life aren't what make you who you are. Still, it is how you handle each situation that makes you who you are.

Black Widow Curse & The Coven

As I carried the writing to the end, I found out I wanted to get to know a character I invented who lives in the dark, and that is Raina. I introduce her in the second book in the series. She is a witch, with a past with Esmra. It was Esmra who kicked Raina out of her coven from a time ago. But I don't reveal what it was.

Nevoc & The Necromancer

Readers get to find out what Raina did to get kicked out of Esmra's coven, as the entire story 'Nevoc & the Necromancer' is what Raina did and who she is. If readers go back to 'Black Widow Curse & The Coven,' she mentions why she was kicked out, but not the events that led her there, and that is where this recent book will shine the light.

Nevoc is coven spelled backward, and it is the name of the bar in Salem (fictional, of course), and Raina is purchasing this place from Esmra. During this time, Raina lives in the coven with Esrma while she is working and trying to become more established.

During this time, Amelia, Raina's roommate, and best friend clean out Esmra's closet. She finds the box, which is Pandora's box. Pandora is a necromancer fairy who 100 years prior helped lost souls cross over, just as Selena (the fairy queen) speaks of in 'Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies.

Pandora's Box

Pandora does the ultimate rule violation by consorting with a high-ranking demon, Naberious. Which this demon was worshipped by Egyptians centuries ago, and through the ages, some looked at him as a benevolent being versus a straight demon hence gives him his character of he may be a demon. Still, he isn't as bad as we label demons.

Travel Back in Time to the City of the Dead

So, as Meridian Chronicles discusses past lives, soul keys (soul mates) here, this theme plays again. This time it is between a fairy and a demon. Pandora, in her previous life, was an Egyptian priestess, and that is how he came to know her. Several lives later, he finds her again and takes her to the gates of time in the dark realm. They travel back to ancient Egypt, to the city of the dead, so he can show her that past and reconnect as lovers.

I can't tell the rest, but sure enough, she suffers for what she does, and her mother casts her out with her soul locked away in the underworld. A human necromancer can only release her can only through the ancient box that 2 modern-day witches discover.

Naberious self exiles himself from the demon court back to Egypt.

The caveat here is when she is released, Pandora isn't who they think she is, and that is when things go off track. Raina believes she can use Pandora to capture the heart of a boy she met, and 2 lingering demons want to capitalize on this as the dark one wants Naberious back. If these two demons can convince Naberious to return, well, then they would be in favor at court. Any idea who those two demons are?


Pandora settled and looked in his eyes. “You believe that woman is me and we were together in a previous life?”

Naberious kept his eyes low as if he were giving her bad news, “Yes. I am sorry if I have never told you this. But fairies can live other lives. It is not common for a fairy to live another life, but humans can live again as a fairy, just as they can a spirit guide. It is just very rare. Have you never asked about your father?”

Pandora’s eyes narrowed, “No. I know most male fairies are only interested in other male fairies. Not all but most. My mother explained to me that myself and my younger sister were given to her from the universe. That we were created from there.”

Naberious was incredulous. “You mean she tells you that, and you believe it?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Pandora’s voice raised.

“I guess you are right, why wouldn’t you? You come from the Universe, but you came from a life before. Usually, fairies are created from another life of someone with gifts, special powers like her.” Naberious nodded to the woman he knew from another life as she jumped back into bed.

“So you want to start up again? You want a life from thousands of years ago? This is crazy!” Pandora shouted, “What happened to her?”

“They considered her a Priestess when she was discovered calling upon a demon; they put her to death. I never had the chance to protect her, to save her. She died because of me.”

Pandora drew a deep breath. “If you can time travel, why didn’t you travel back in time before, and stop it?”

“I tried that. It didn’t work. It is impossible to travel back in time and change what has already happened. I may be a powerful being, but I can’t overpower the Universe.” He looked up into the darkened sky and smiled watching the twinkling of the stars.

“Naberious, I don’t understand? How can going back in time, how can you not change what takes place?”

“Look at them, lying in bed.” Naberious nodded through the doorway to the room. We are here, they are here. This is the past; it has already happened. We may be here, but time is locked away in another plane. Demons who time travel can observe, and we can watch, but never can we attempt to disrupt the order of the Universe. It is impossible.”

Pandora slumped down against the wall of the house and rested her elbows on her knees and watched Naberious study the sky. “Well, I thought we were the most powerful beings. The fairies, demons and the spirit guides.”

Naberious stopped staring at the stars and faced her. “Your mother still does not allow you to know all.” He snorted. “I guess she didn’t tell you of the angels?”

Pandora stared at him with her mouth open. “No, I have never seen one. When I was a child, she would tell me fairy tales of the angels. I never considered them real. Just a story.”

“They are not a story or fairy tale Pandora. They are very real, and they remain in the hall of souls. No one sees them. They are the guardians of the human souls when they have passed on from being a spirit guide.”

Pandora stood up. “What?”

“You heard me. They are real. They watch over the souls are to be given to a newborn. With each transcended life they live, they go there and wait to start the life cycle over again. This includes twin souls. The Egyptians called them soul keys.

Pandora’s eyes widened as she recalled her conversation with the nymphs. “Twin souls, yes. I know of the twin souls. They are connected throughout their lives and after their life ends and a new one begins; they find each other once more.”

Suddenly, it dawned on Pandora what Naberious had been trying to explain to her. She stopped talking and gasped covering her mouth. Her eyes welled up as she stood in shock.

Naberious watched her connect what it was he tried to make her understand. “But I knew her soul would transcend once again. She was not a dark soul and was not evil. In Egypt, they only permitted a priestess to call upon a demon for a pharaoh.” He took Pandora by the hand. “Go on, ask me more.”

Pandora swallowed and took a sharp breath. “How?”

Naberious said, “During the times of Egypt the demon that the Egyptians associated me with was by the name, Ikenty. In ancient times, they believed Ikenty to be a terrible demon, but through the ages, he became associated as one of Egypt’s gods. The father of the more known gods of Osiris. I became looked upon as a protector. However, when it was discovered that she called to me, it was forbidden, and they put her to death. It was you. Even your mother came from somewhere; she had a creation- souls transcend many times over and over. The spirit guides believe in a soul key just as the Egyptians did. This is a merging of two halves of a soul, the soul key belief comes from ancient Egypt.”

“Why would my mother keep this from me? Why?”

Naberious shook his head. “I do not know why. But she knows of the things I speak of. Your mother has her own secrets, some that I cannot tell you. But know this, despite the length of your lives as fairies, you are created from something else. Usually a reincarnation of a human or other celestial being- from a star. All souls within this universe come from stars.” He glanced back up at the sky. “Except demons… we come from another plane of existence. I do not want to speak of this now. I need you to believe me. Have you never had flashbacks of anything?”

“Flashbacks? Flashback,” she muttered in thought when her eyes widened with recognition, “Yes, Yes, I do. But I never could reason the scene in my head. It was not like the fairy realm. I just see objects and faces of people I do not recognize. I guess it all makes sense now. All beings can live many lives. I just can’t believe my mother; she keeps things hidden from me.”

“Is this why I struggle to look into your eyes when you look at me?”

Naberious said nothing, he just stared at her again with a smile as Pandora looked away.

“Why can’t I look at you?”

“It is because when twin souls look into each other’s eyes, there is an unconscious recognition of the other. It is filled with mystery and the feeling that touches your soul is exhilarating and frightening at one time. Two very exclusive feelings that anyone would struggle to reconcile. You feel something so deep, but cannot explain, it is intimidating. Many humans when they recognize their twin souls will run from it. They can’t handle it and if they manage to keep their connection, until they accept their twin soul, they will have many ups and downs. They will doubt they should be with the other. It is when they submit their soul to the other and embrace all the emotion is when they truly connect or as the Egyptians call it, their soul key.”

Lahash & Astaroth

Ex-lovers who hate each other. Lahash and Astaroth. Now, these 2 do not play a significant role, but they are instrumental in dealing with Naberious.

Everyone eventually finds there a way to crossing each other's paths at once in the end. This ending will not be an ending that dials in one part. It is a split ending for readers to find out if Pandora and Naberious can be together again and what happens to them. Then there is Raina and what happens to her and the boy she is fascinated with. The book is scheduled to release later this year in October, and that is an ETA.

Here is a conversation they pair have in 'Keepers & The Soul Key

“Lahash, how do you think I infiltrate dreams? By going to Earth and stand at a human’s bed? This portal reads a human’s memories of dreams. We can read a human’s memories when we lock our eyes with theirs. But with this, this ball transports me to a human’s subconscious mind, where all the repressed dreams live. Where true psychological warfare takes place. This is where I go when I infiltrate the dreams, the mind and to Aiden.”

Lahash jerked his arm away from Astaroth. “Why have you not shared this with the others?”

“Oh please, all demons have their own gifts. Why should I share it with all of you? Most of you treat me as though I am a nuisance. All a bunch of male demons; I feel outnumbered here as the only demoness at court. When you all, especially Moloch treat me as though I have an influence in the plan, then I will share. Count yourself lucky. I shared a glimpse at what this creation is capable of.”

Astaroth walked away and toward the painting on the wall that Lahash had previously referenced. She stood and stared at the image in the painting that was herself. “Yes, that is me. A long time ago.”

Within the painting was Astaroth half-clothed, spread across a large bed made of dark wood, with red drapes hanging from the wooden canopy used for enclosing the bed.

“Europe, the late 1700s. This painting is a representation of a man's dreams. At one time, a human man came to know me through his dreams. He fantasized about blonde women, with pale skin and dark eyes. At night, his dreams would take him to whore houses, from times passed when he would have his indulgences with the women in white wigs. Such a travesty. I did so enjoy him very much.”

Lahash watched Astaroth closely. “What happened to him and how do you mean travesty? Your story sounds very much the truth of who you are.”

“I killed him, just like the rest; to him, it was a travesty,” Astaroth said with a grin.

“Why? How did you kill him?” Lahash briskly walked over to her and joined her in her gaze at the large painting of herself.

“It all works the same, or it did in those days. I infiltrated his dreams increasingly, kept him up with his nightmares. After so many weeks without rest, others believed he had lost his mind. He slit his own throat. His goodbye letter read that he couldn’t sleep, and no amount of liquor would help him sleep. He believed it was God punishing him for his lustful ways.” Astaroth snickered.

“Why? Why would you want him dead if you enjoyed him so much?”

“I enjoyed him so much for the very reason I hate men like him. They always want what they can’t have.”

“Astaroth, if you feel so strongly about it, why don’t you join the nymphs. They give humankind problems, deliver their karma. Sounds like you would fit in well with them.” Lahash hissed and walked away.

Astaroth was incredulous. “How dare you! I would never lower myself to join with them. They aren’t all about lust. They are about love and deliver good and bad karma. I do not believe the scum on Earth deserves good karma.”

Lahash stopped, and he dropped his long arms down by his side where they were hidden by the overture of his long, leather jacket. “It didn’t sound like your favorite wanted what he couldn’t have. It sounded like he got what he wanted to have. You make little sense.” Lahash had grown bored with the conversation and before he left her chambers he said, “It sounds like you are projecting on me, you want what you can’t have.”

As Lahash was about to open the door, he heard a blood curdling shrill that came from Astaroth and when he turned to look at her, she headed right for him and changed into her real form of razor-sharp teeth and nails to match. A gruesome image of a loathsome creature that had no impact on Lahash who nonchalantly stepped out of the raging demoness’s path.

He appeared in a flash on the other side of the room, standing with his arms crossed. “Now Astaroth, you shouldn’t allow your temper to get the best of you.” Lahash waved his long index finger in the air as he spoke.

Once again, fired up and angry she headed right for Lahash and this time she was determined to get a hold of the pompous demon that she shared a past with. She attained a grasp on Lahash’s neck with one hand and she reared back the other hand to slash him with her razor-sharp claws. Just as she brought her large claw-like hand down for a scathing blow, Lahash vanished and reappeared by the door.

“Astaroth, you know this routine. We did it so many times during our dem-rotica escapades. How many times did you win those matches?” Lahash stood with his shoulder leaned up against the door and examined his fingers as though he was unphased by Astaroth’s temper tantrum.

Out of breath and full of rage, Astaroth’s words were driven by heavy gasps. “I hate you.”

Lahash & Black Moon Lilith

Now for my favorite book, that I haven't even got a quarter of the way through, and that is 'Lahash & Black Moon Lilith.' I love writing this because it has one of my favorite characters in the book, Lahash, a demon who is for himself. He does what the dark one implores him to do, but is typically is done on his own terms. I introduced him in 'Black Widow Curse & The Coven.

Also, it is about Astrology, Italy, during the 1700s, a time I dearly love.


For those of you who follow astrology, may know a few things about Black Moon Lilith, for those of you who don't, you can click here to understand a little more.

For the book, I am using the usual Black Moon Lilith, and everyone has her in their birth chart. It is dark, primal, fear, and sexuality. Because of what it represents gives meaning to the name as Lilith being Adam's first wife in the bible, and she didn't want to submit to anyone. Of course, she was known as a baby killer, among other things.

For the story, Lillith is the dark one's mistress whom he cast to the underworld only let out every 100 years to roam Earth. Once every 1,000 years when certain celestial bodies align, she roams free with unyielding power. Mass destruction, death, murder…anything goes.

Brothels & Aristocratic Society Italy

What does this have to do with Lahash and the story? Well, Lahash, like all demons, must remain in the company of the oppressed to maintain their power to survive. He finds a lawyer who wants to join the ranks of the politicians. Lahash calls him 'Little William' or 'Little Man Child.'

This guy is shy and quiet, but he has a dark side and a younger sister who Lahash falls head over heels for. Readers who know Lahash from the previous series, see him as a boisterous, arrogant, spoiled and high hatted demon who looks down on just about anyone. All he cares about is the finer things he can get his hands on and Echo, the Earth Nymph he is in lust with from the prior series.

Since this book is a prequel, readers will see Lahash with the same attitude, but he has never been 'broken' or saddened before. This young girl, Sophia, is who drives him to be the way he is and to be a bit of a loner, so to speak for the rest of his existence as can be seen in Meridian Chronicles Series.

Excerpt - The story is told in the first person from Lahash's point of view.

As I followed behind, little William, I couldn't help but notice that he walked a little more upright, and he had a strange smile on his face like he was up to no good. I wonder, why so glee from his nervous self. Was he to have another round with Mona? Or break into the forbidden room to sniff out secrets?

The night was still early; however, some satisfied men were leaving the gentlemen's club with relaxed faces from the liquor and pleasure. As we arrived, I stopped for a moment to look around. The music from inside was audible but muffled. The air was still as I examined the sign over the door – and it nearly glowed in the moonlight. The gentlemen's club was called 'Cortigiana,' and I couldn't help but wonder how long this business existed. All the times I passed or followed a dubious one in, it never occurred to me this establishment must have a history.

After I studied the old and worn sign, I went in to see little man child was already in Mona's room. The door was shut while they discussed how he would like to see her but not at Cortigiana. It seemed here that William possesses the skill and art of persuasion that he was interested in more than a little something in the night from her. There he looked deeply into Mona's big brown eyes and convinced her he wanted to share more with her than the protruding figure living in between his legs. Like a fool, she accepted, and little William had a date the next day at a café near to Cortigiana's.

Satisfied, he left her room but went down the hall they forbid him from being anywhere near. He didn't break in, oddly, he stared at the door that remained locked. My suspicions were he wanted to know more about the backroom, and Mona did not understand what she was in for.

As he left and walked to his home, I was surprised to know that he lived in a mansion up in the hills away from town. I stopped in awe of his abode. Why would someone of stature need a date with a prostitute just to find out some little secret? He could find this out without the help of a prostitute. Little William was just full of secrets.

William entered the front door of the two-story house. The candle lights burned in the receiving room, and further back in the kitchen was a woman who hummed with a melodic tone and the most soothing sound it was. As William made his presence known, she shouted.

"' William! Do you have any idea what time it is? Father and mother told you not to be gone too long. Besides what is it you were out doing?'" she said.

While William was busy conjuring up his story to what seemed to be his sister, I couldn't help myself. Though I knew he was talking to her, I lost track of his words as his voice became a distance in the background. I couldn't stop staring at her, listening to her heartbeat from across the room. I could hear her breathing as William spoke to her. She was the most stunning human I ever set my eyes on. Her hair was flaxen and fell over her shoulder down to her waist. It was in a loose braid with a pink ribbon. She wasn't in the usual cumbersome attire. Instead, she was in her sleeping garment that was a long, white loose-fit gown. She didn't look a day over eighteen with her fair, nearly translucent skin and blue eyes. Her lips were full, plump with the perfect shade of pink. She was almost so pure, I didn't believe she was even human. She was nude underneath her garment, and as she walked to the table to sit with her tea, I could see the shape of her legs and hips. Her breasts hung loosely, and her nipples shown through the sheer gown, and I wondered why she was not wearing a robe.

It seemed as she smiled at her brother, that this family was not as formal as others. She seemed free, comfortable. I broke my lustful thoughts when her soft smile tightened, and she scolded William.

"William! You know you were not supposed to leave me here alone. Father told you while they were away, you were not to be out after dark." She smiled again, as though she enjoyed getting onto William. Then she playfully remarked, "Okay, now tell me where you were."

Her shoulders shook while her face became coy, as though she couldn't wait to hear some presumed instance of debauchery. The strange little sister who thinks she in charge is happy to hear about her brother's personal sexual encounters.

William shrugged and said, "' Well, nothing really. My friends and I ate dinner at the club. And that was it.'" He sat next to her with a smirk keeping his eyes on the space on the table.

"' I don't believe you, what else? Tell all or I will tell father you were late.'" She said as she rested her chin in the palm of her small hand.

He sighed and shifted his weight in the chair. "' Why! Why Sofia!'"

Well, even though William had some secrets, I was most intent on finding out myself, at least now I know her name. Sofia and she does not understand that she has become my latest obsession.

William sprung up from his chair, running his hands through his dark wavy hair. His low sitting ponytail had previously loosened from the night's adventures, leaving his waves brushing across his high cheekbones. The soft flicker from the flame of the candle highlighted them away from his deep-set eyes, making him appear sullen and dreary – a look I had not seen on a human's face in a long time. Dark he was, and he kept his secrets from his precocious sister.

Startled, Sophia rose from her chair and stormed away, not saying a word. She ran up the long staircase with a solitary tear running down her soft cheek. William followed her and hollered out, "' You don't get to know everything about me! I don't care! Tell them what you will!'"

During this time, readers will also get a small glimpse of a character who existed in actual life. A young playwright from Italy who was kicked out of school in 1725 for visiting a brothel. His name was Carlo Goldini, and he fled to Milan to avoid the arranged marriage. Still, I took that and put it in the story he meets Little William before he became a more famous playwrite.

Here is a conversation between Echo the fairy nymphs and Lahash from Keepers & The Soul Key here readers will find out why Lahash is so obsessed with her. He talks about the woman who haunts him. This woman is in the new book, Lahash & Black Moon Lilith.

There was silence for several minutes as Echo stared at Lahash, her breathing was raced as the anger was rising again.

He said, “You remind me of someone, a human. Someone I knew ages ago. Demons do not have rules. We are labeled as what we are, but for some of us, there is more. As much as I lust, I have felt before. I have felt what may have been love.” Lahash stopped to see Echo’s face resembled shock. “Don’t look at me that way. It is true. It is rare for a demon to feel, but it has happened to a few of us. It isn’t something we brag about. Like I said, it was ages ago. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her.”

Echo asked, “What was her name? And what happened?”

Lahash sighed and said, “Sophia. Her name was Sophia. After her, I swore that I would never allow myself to feel whatever that was for a human again. We couldn’t be together.” He stopped and looked at Echo, who now didn’t look at him with so much disdain.

“Lahash, you want things to stay the same because of a human woman from a long time ago? Even if you wish to never feel this way again?”

“I don’t expect you to understand, Echo. But know this, you are the closest thing to her I have yet to come across. The difference is, you and I can be together. I want you.”

Echo looked away. “Lahash I don’t know what to say to you. But kidnapping me, and all of this isn’t the way you get a fairy

Meridian Chronicles books can be found here. For those who love a good paperback, you can order from Amazon, or members of my site get the paperback at the author's discount.

Meridian Chronicles: Keepers & The Soul Key releases April 24th with a blog tour and give away.

Look for more on the new series, The Demon Chronicles. No set number of books just yet, however. So far there are two.

Add to your Goodreads shelf.

The Demon Chronicles: Nevoc & The Necromancer

Download a sample of Nevoc & The Necromancer

The Demon Chronicles: Lahash & Black Moon Lilith

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