Black Widow Curse & The Coven

Stricken with grief from the loss of her father to the Hall of Souls…the very fabric of her existence shattered, stifled by pain and anger, Meridian fled for Earth in search of the one human that she could not let go of. In her last but brief encounter with Aiden, she sentenced herself to Warrick’s wrath. Taking away everything she had ever come to know in her existence as a Spirit Guide.

Unbeknownst to her, she now carries a curse as she awakens months later in human form. The Black Widow Curse meant to keep her from returning to Etheria, finding her twin soul and living out her destiny become the rightful leader of Etheria. Without her home in Etheria, the realm is at unrest. The ban on Spirit Guides has taken them away from their duties to watch over humankind. Warrick has maintained his secret deals with the dark ones as they maintain the majority of the balance over Earth and with it, the evil on Earth continues to flourish and the Hall of Souls grow short of souls.

Meanwhile, as Meridian finds her way back to the very human she connected with before her banishment proves beneficial as she is the map back to Salem, where Esmra the good witch and her coven assist Meridian along with the Fairies and the elemental fairy nymphs exposing the true identity of her realm’s leader. With this connection brings the answer to the identity behind the curse’s creator and the answer to breaking her own curse. Everything has a price and the price comes in the form of an ex coven member, Raina who has her own dark agenda that Meridian has become the center of.

An ironic stroke of luck comes through an arrogant demon of the high court that may buy the guides more time. Another demon’s riddle expels more twists to the answer but Meridian is the only one who can find her twin soul. As Meridian finally meets Aiden, so do the impacts of her curse that could threaten Aiden’s own life.

Stuck in the middle of a centuries old raging war between the demon’s and the spirit guides, the Fairy Queen who once let the Spirit Guides down may be the way out. With a council meeting by the Fairy Nymphs, The Fairy Queen, The Spirit Guides, The Fallen and the members of the High Demon Court will give rise to the struggle. The fate of mankind lies within Meridian’s hands. The longer she goes without the answer to releasing herself from her curse, the worse things become for all beings through out the realms and the humans on Earth.

Will Meridian break away from her curse? Will she find her twin flame? Find out in this paranormal romance series.

Meridian Chronicles: Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies Publication January 2018

Meridian Chronicles: Black Widow Curse & The Coven Releases September 29, 2018

These novels are not a stand alone and there are plans for two more books to this series set for

2019 & 2020

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