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Exiled Spirit Guide Meridian finds herself in Salem with amnesia, blindly carrying the Black Widow Curse, & unable to recall her past life. Desperate for answers, the truth behind the curse is even more twisted.

As stroke of luck from a member of the high demon court, Lahash, has grown tired of the fight for power over humankind and the Fairy Nymphs may have an answer. Meridian’s twin soul may break the curse, but at what cost?

Will Meridian escape? Find out in this dark and twisted story of fate.

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Meridian sat for another moment, and then she pulled her feet out from under the covers and sat at the edge of the bed she had been sleeping in. She stared out the window and looked at the bright blue sky with just a shred of clouds moving with the north wind. She got out of the bed, hugged herself, and then walked over to the window where she continued to stare outside, looking downward. “So, this curse has been put on me by someone we thought was of my own realm, my home. The same one who stole my parents from me…my life.” Meridian looked to Relic, Kieren and Pramlee and then she looked back out the window not wanting to look at anyone for fear of losing control of her emotions. “This being is not even one of us, but a demon of the high court. He did this to me because he fears me and what I was to become. All of this for a sick need to control, to hurt…for power.” Meridian stopped speaking and she took a long, ragged breath as she reached within herself to regain her composure. “What I do not understand is why this curse can only be broken by a twin soul. How could something so evil cast something that can only be broken with love?” Meridian turned and looked to Esmra for answers.

The question was answered by Ridge who had stood quietly by at the back, away from Meridian. “Meridian, evil cannot be defeated with evil. It takes true love to conquer any evil in our world, and this is especially true here on Earth. Everything that has happened, has happened for a reason, and sometimes it is not meant for us to understand. Merely, we must embrace it and do the best we can. That is all anyone can do. You have been blessed with knowledge, and knowledge is power. Power that you can use for finding your way free.”

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"Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court"

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