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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Character Interview- Aiden


Aiden Q. So you have given up a lot for Meridian, so how do you feel now that you are 'lost' in away.

A. Well, as I told Meridian (in the new book), I would do it again no matter what. But I am worried. I had left behind my human family and hoped when I made my sacrifice that I would at least be a spirit guide. But with what has happened to me, it has caused a lot of emotional distress. I can't say what else happens, because you will have to read the book:) But I do have to endure even more, and toward the end, my destiny remains uncertain.

Q. This is the last book, do you think the author will have you in others?

A. I am not sure, it looks like the author is bringing other characters from this series to the next, but I am not included. I may be down the road. The thing is with this author, she is unpredictable in where her writing goes, but that is just apart of the journey.

Q. Your father, Talon in this series has been a fallen (spirit guide cast out by Warrick) he too, like the demons, needs negative human energy to feed on and has

had to stay at a distance from you. But we get a hint that you two will meet in this last book. How do you feel about that?

A. Wow, well, I knew after Tallulah told me everything at least something about my father. I never knew until then what happened to him. He has suffered a lot of wrath from Warrick as well. Something to do with his wife, Farrah. But I do meet him in his fallen form, and it was nearly unbelievable to see him. Despite my 'lost' circumstances in the last book, seeing him gave me hope.

Q. How does it feel to know for sure that you are Meridian's twin soul, that you both form a soul key.

A. I always knew there was a reason for her and me to connect and for her to be there for me. So anything I had to do to help her, there was no question it was meant to be. Sacrificing my life to save hers came easily, once I realized what I had to do. In Black Widow Curse & The Coven, I tell Chris (my best friend) how I feel for her. I was at that moment, that Pyro the demon along with Raina that horrible witch tried to destroy Meridian for selfish wants.

Then suddenly, while I was in the hospital, it dawned on me that those reoccurring dreams I kept having been for a reason. In book 3, Fairy Nymphs & the Demon Court, I kept having a dream, and each time it progressed further until I knew it was me that had to break Meridian's curse. I wouldn't change a thin

Read Lahash's Interview (before live on the tour)

1. Q: Lahash, what is your favorite place on Earth?

A: Well, Paris certainly has appeal and keeps me in the best fashions, however, Italy has my attention with wonderful architecture and of course my favorite drink, Disaronno. We can’t forget about the quaint town of Salem, which certainly is becoming a favorite.

2. Q: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

A: Change? Why I quite like myself actually. I can’t see any reason for me to change. I dress great, I have a wonderful sense of style and tastes in life. The dark one sees me as an up and coming favorite in the dark realm.

3. Q: Do you believe in life after death?

A: Well of course I do. If you read the series anyone can see there could potentially be many lives to live after mortal death. The present situation of the afterlife is what keeps me quite busy these days. What keeps me going is spending my time in the company of politicians, they are where I get my negative energy from. Well, all demons survive on the negative energy of humans. Lately, though, that has been difficult. I have spent a lot of time with Echo, the Earth Nymph. I had to kidnap her and take her to the dark realm. I just can’t quite see what she doesn’t see in me. I am a demon of the high court, I have a great abode in the dark realm and I am a lot of fun.

4. Q: Do you have any pet peeves?

A: Certainly. Beings that cannot be who they are without apologies. One shouldn’t ever be apologetic to who they are. Besides, I can’t please everyone and really the only one I do try to please is the dark one, of course. His orders must be followed.

5. Q: Your latest crush?

A: Oh, I do love this question. Echo, as I mentioned earlier. She rules the element of Earth. Oh do I like her, she is exotic and surreal. It certainly is taking her time to realize what a better plane of existence she would be in to spend time with me. But, I am still working at inspiring her right now. I think though, she will find that she is powerless against my demon charms. You just wait and see.

6. Q: Do you think the author does a good job of portraying you?

A: Well, all humans have room for improvement. But I must have impressed her because she is writing me into her new book, “The Demon Chronicles: Nevoc & The Necromancer.”

I was distressed to find that I do not play a large role, and of course, she wrote in my nasty ex, Astaroth. A fellow demon herself. But I guess I can put that aside because the author gave me my own book. I get to tell a story from my point of view in “The Demon Chronicles: Lahash & Black Moon Lilith.” It is so exciting to get to see my name, a demon’s name in the title. Oh, readers will certainly get my inner monologue, which is to say a little on the profane side. And of course, my little William. He is that nasty little lawyer wanna-be, who has some of his little issues he is sorting out. I do believe he keeps an ax under his bed, and well, the author is taking a break on my book, to finish out the release of this one. So, we are at a standstill. But I cannot wait until she returns to finish. I am in some of my favorite places, brothels, gentlemen’s club and Italy. It has been a nice break from Salem.

7. Q: What do you think of the main character?

A: Who? Meridian? Or Aiden? It is so hard to tell who is in the lead. They both are so annoying with their twin soul saga. Really? How unfair is it anyway that only humans get to have a twin soul? Everyone is up in arms over Aiden, including…oh, I better not say. The author may not like that I let the cat out of the bag here. It may give too much of the story away. But I will say they both have caused such a fuss. Even the nymphs are running around, imploring their fairy lure on everyone. Including the demons, if you can imagine that. They just march into the dark realm and ruin everything. All because Warrick started this war against the angels and the spirit guides. I was perfectly happy until Warrick and his power obsession ruined it. But I manage through the story. But Aiden is the babyface, goody goody. And he is just so perfect, that it is nauseating. Meridian, we all know is destined to take over Etheria. I just feel like the whole issue is taking too long. I am just excited for readers to get to the end of the book and see the ending. I feel as though I may blush to talk about it. So, I will leave it as a surprise.

8. Q: Who is your least favorite character in the series?

A: Hmm, least favorite. That is so hard, really. I don’t like anyone except Echo. But if I had to answer it wouldn’t even be Astaroth, that is so cliché. So I would have to say Relic. He too is in love with a nymph. I believe he is quite taken with Lotus, the water elemental nymph. I suppose I see the allure, nymphs are, well… you know. But he flips from love to love. First, he loved Meridian, and before I think he loved about anything that walked. He just thinks he is so perfect and better than everyone, I just can’t see what anyone would see in him. We have had a few small spats here and there, but I will be so glad I don’t have to have any more scenes with him after this book ends.

9. Q: What scares you the most?

A: What an interesting question. I am a demon, not much scares me. But really, I believe not having Earth to return too. I love Earth. Of course, I have to keep the company I do in order to survive. But beyond that. Humans, I am a bit jealous. They have so much, and little do they realize how quickly their time goes. Their frailty and mortality are mysterious. After all, how silly the dark one believes that he can just charge into the hall of souls and challenge the keepers, the angels. I just can’t see that working out.

Our soul collector, Moloch, he has just gotten a little too big for his demon-britches and doesn’t believe we should have to take human souls or take from humans to survive.

10. Q: What is the plan from the dark one exactly?

A: Well the entire series he is trying to plot to invade the hall of souls. We always have some issues to deal with. Like Meridian’s curse, the Angels’ quartz sword, the nymphs getting in the way. Or of course, Selena the Fairy Queen. She is a force to be reckoned with. She really hates the demons, so when she gets involved it is always more difficult. Of course, in the last book one of our own, Pyro got too greedy and Karma one of the fairy nymphs destroyed him the day Aiden gave his life for Meridian. If it weren’t for me, Pyro may have gotten away

with it.

11. Q: Any last words?

A: Well, none for now, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like having the last word. Readers will see that in the last book, oh and of course the new one. Such an exciting time for me, getting all this attention feels so gratifying. Enjoy the read and don’t forget to vote for me as the best character!

What's Next For Lahash?

The dark realm

In Nevoc & the Necromancer, there are a few characters from Meridian Chronicles Series that are in this prequel aside from Raina and Lahash.

The entire series is a prequel of Meridian Chronicles. The caveat here is, readers do not have to read these books to understand Meridian Chronicles or read Meridian Chronicles to understand this new series.

The other thing to mention is readers do not have to read any book in the new series to understand each book. As a matter of fact, the first two books in the series are not related at all. The time periods are set very far apart.

Nevoc is based in Salem, where readers get to see how deep Raina's psychological issues go and why she is who she is. You get to meet her best friend Amelia (who made a brief appearance in Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court.) She is the one Raina called for the potion to keep Meridian under her control. Amelia is an ex witch who left the coven after the unfortunate experience of what takes place in Nevoc & The Necromancer. Readers who find out why Esmra kicked Raina out of the coven, to begin with.

Nevoc & the Necromancer releases this fall, and Lahash and the Black Moon Lilith releases next spring.

You can find my ebooks at Amazon, Barnes, Apple and a few more. Soon readers will be able to order paperbacks at the author's discount and book lovers merchandise will be added to the store for gifts and to commemorate being a book lover. Click here for eretailers.

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