I have been asked to write about what inspired this book. That is a loaded question actually. There are many things, events, people and places that inspired me to write the first book to the series. Events that I have encountered that are tied to people inspired much of the story. However, I didn't want to write a non-fiction story. I decided to take little things that I have encountered through out my lifetime, weave into a paranormal story...I love paranormal. With a trip to Salem, I was inspired to make the jump and set the scene there along with the different worlds I have built into the story. I do specifically reference a real place in Salem, the Salem Witch Museum, which there is a scene there with Luna the Fairy and Meridian. During this scene, Luna meets Esmra the witch who has a coven in a fictional home outside of town. All other places I mention in the book are fictional aside from the Witch Museum. Now book 2, I reference another place...The Howling Wolf Taqueria. I did actually sit at the bar and I did eat. Good food and the bartender was really cool.

Characters...Okay. Well, some of the characters in my books are influenced either by real people, or character traits of real people I know or have had an experience with. I suppose I could start with a character from the first book that I get feedback on. I love feedback from readers. It gives me insight and direction on parts of my story. So my first editor really liked Relic. So did a good friend of mine and of course my husband. He likes any cocky character. Now Relic also got a little feedback from readers that was interesting, that he was annoying but some readers couldn't help but like him. If I had to pin down where Relic came from...he is a combination of my dear old brother and a snarky side of my husband. Now in physical description..he is not. But first, his personality. My brother is that guy who is blunt, to the point, full of wit and sarcasm and makes no apologies for his antics. Add him with that side of my husband. All I will say is we should have our own reality show. It is never boring with those two verbally sparring at one another. I do wish I had a mute button, but it is always in good fun.

When I tried to decide what Relic would look like, I asked my husband what he pictured when he thought of Relic. He said, he reminds me of Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue. Having sat through two of their concerts, one being front row. (will never do that again, talk about crazy) I could see that being real. I stood up from my desk and said, sold! So here comes the rock star inspiration to Relic, the maverick Spirit Guide.

I will stop there, he is fun to talk about. He is still him self through the new book coming out for those of you who haven't read it yet. I just wrapped up a scene in the third book with Relic having a round with the dark one again. This scene I think will show Relic's deeper side. Talon was another pick from readers. He will be my next blog post. Warrick and his description is coming...

an arrogant ex boss of mine gave inspiration to him.

Do you have a favorite? Write in and tell me. I am always interested to know how readers feel about the characters. Until next blog...have a good one.

If you have not had the chance to read the first book or win the give away, September is the Series Collector Give Away. I will give 3 readers both books to the series. Each year I will have a series collector give away as each new book comes out.

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