Copy of Keepers & the Soul Key-Chapter 7 Pt. 4

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Keepers & The Soul Key- Tallulah and Esmra get a strange visitor.

Pramlee pulled up a chair at the table and quickly sat. "Well, I know, he is just so annoying but I know deep down he means well." Pramlee set her tiny chin in her petite hand as it rested on the table. She rolled her eyes and pushed out her bottom lip so she could push out a tuft of air and blow her blue bangs away from her face. "Meridian, no one is blaming you for anything, you know? I mean Kieren, all that was new and no one could have known what would happen or what the situation would bring. I hope you are very clear about what you want." Pramlee lowered her head down to look at Meridian's face that turned downward as she stared at her lap.

Meridian turned her wrist over, to look at her mark of infinity, then she cut her eyes over to Pramlee's wrist that remained exposed while she still sat with her hand propped upholding her chin. "I always wondered why you and Slaten never had the infinity mark now I guess I know. I always thought it was maybe because your mother had lived human lives before. I guess a demon father can't pass down a mark meant for Etherians. You know, we never had time to talk about all that... how are you handling everything with your father?"

Pramlee pulled her hand down into her lap and dropped her eyes. "I guess, okay. I mean, it is bizarre for sure, and I don't agree with the things he has done, but you know me, I never want anyone to hurt. Even if he is a damned soul. Selena said that as long as we don't submit ourselves to the darkness we would be okay. I hope the others in the realm don't question if Slaten and I are good souls, meant to be here in Etheria. But I don't want to get into all that right now. What about Aiden? And Kieren, of course?"

"I am sure; I love Aiden. I haven't even had the time to consider if I still feel something for Kieren or not." Meridian said.

Arianna walked into the room and folded her arms; her long black curly hair brushed the top of her arms as she walked around the table to look at her daughter. "Meridian, this is not a game. They all have gone through so much for you."

Meridian's cold eyes darted up at her mother. "I know it is not a game! I can't help what happened to me! I was going along with my existence, ready to take part in what we do here for humankind and they tore away from me from both you and father! Then sent on a crazy ride to Earth, meet a fallen and go to the dark realm to get a fairy book I knew nothing about. We barely made it out and then to have happened all the things that did, losing father. Don't talk to me as though this is my fault! You are the one Warrick wanted too, you know! I wasn't just me he wanted and still does." Meridian flew out of her chair across the room, darting in her old room. As she made her way in, she looked to a table stand in front of her window, where she and Relic last spoke before everything turned upside down. She folded her arms and paced around her room, looked at old journals and books she read. She sat down in the chair, across from the only window and picked up the old book one of the masters gave her for reading while she studied and learned the ways of humans.

Pramlee rushed in and interrupted her nostalgia. "Meridian, one thing hasn't changed. You are still a firecracker." Pramlee perched herself on the arm of the chair Meridian had just flopped down in. "Don't take things so hard. Your mom, well she isn't any different either. I know it drives you crazy, but overlook it if you can." Pramlee pushed Meridian's hair back to see her profile. "At least you have your mother." Pramlee reminded Meridian.

Meridian paused and looked up to her best friend and leaned her head onto Pramlee's arm. "I know. I know."


Meanwhile, across the realm, the other guides attempting to put their existence in order and wrap their minds around the atrocities encountered struggled with the present. There in Slaten's quarters the bunch of them congregated with mild unrest.

"So the slimeball is back in the dark realm, huh? Now what, no one running Etheria?" Relic asked Slaten.

"Look, I know my father is a terrible being, but please, tone down the name-calling. Only I am allowed to do that." Slaten peered up at Relic through his hair that always covered one of his eyes.

Relic paused with a grin and a nod and continued his rant. "So what are we waiting on? Let's get out of here." Relic said, rolling his eyes.

Kieren squinted his eyes in frustration. "Why can't we get the sword first? I mean if that is what it will take to get Warrick out, then why go for Aiden now?"

Slaten smirked, but his tone was frustrated. "You too, huh? No, the longer Aiden stays the harder it will be to get him away. He isn't just going to agree to leave, we have to snap him out of it. We will need the nymphs magic too. Then we go get the sword. Besides, we won't have to go to the dark realm to face off, they will come looking for us because they want Meridian. We would be ignorant to fight an army of demons on their own turf."

The mild banter was interrupted when all guides' eyes landed on the incoming traffic. Meridian and Pramlee jogged in ensured with the giggles, accompanied by wet eyes from laughter. Arianna strolled in a ways behind, however she did not share the same enthusiasm. Pramlee and Meridian bumped shoulder to shoulder, looking at one another as if in their own world as they continued laughing as though Meridian had never been upset with her mother or anything else.

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