Demon Lies & The Secret To The Hall of Souls

In Black Widow Curse & The Coven, the demon from the high court, Lahash meets Talon for the first time in Salem. One of the statements Lahash makes to Talon is that there are no such things as Angels. Humans refer to them as Angels, but it is in reality Spirit Guides that watch over Humans.

Part of that statement is in truth, that the Spirit Guides do watch over Humans, however an elaborate lie Lahash continues to spread about the Angels.

Here is that excerpt....

Now that Lahash was satisfied with a morsel of information, he decided to indulge Talon a bit, by finally answering the fallen’s first question.

“I forget humans turned spirit guides are still stifled by an obtuse mind. There are no such things as angels. The spirit guides are what exist to watch over humans. Humans just call them angels. You are a fallen… You were never one of us and never can be. I am a demon, but demons never fell. I am like the girl you are watching over. I, like she, was born of my realm. The only demons that are a fallen, so to speak, are you, Talon, and the others like you.” Lahash was not short of cutting insults.

Here is where Selena sheds light on what exists behind the doors of the Hall of Souls to the very Spirit Guides who have no idea what lies beyond the doors. The Fairy Queen goes into more detail in the next book, Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court.

“The Hall of Souls is a place where all guides’ souls go to rest when their time comes. You do not all live forever, so when that time comes, inside the hall, each soul is watched over and protected by the angels…the keepers. Where do you think all souls come from when a newborn makes his way into the world? Babies get their souls from the keepers. Only the purest of souls would be given to such an innocent being."

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