Excerpt: Nevoc & The Necromancer

The final changes are in process for Nevoc & The Necromancer. The book jacket will be completed soon, and reviewers will begin getting shipments soon.

Raina the witch makes her come back in this prequel, and readers get a genuine look into her life and what has turned her so dark. One reader who beta read the unfinished manuscript said,

“I really felt for Raina, and while she was messing things up with the guy she liked, I wanted to reach into the pages and pull her head out of her own rear.”

Readers may have sympathy for a troubled witch

I laughed at that, and I knew that as I drafted the story, I made an impact. Raina is a witch and is into some dark things, but in this book there is an innocent side to her as she just wants someone to love her, and when she finds that one who may, she causes tension in the relationship for pushing too hard with a guy whom she just met.

This drives her to partner with Pandora, the cast away Necromancer Fairy. They both have a similar parental issue. Pandora was cast away to the underworld by her mother and they took away Raina from her father who rejected her.

Typically, in my past books, I have left some major cliff hangers until the very end of the series, like Meridian Chronicles. In The Demon Chronicles, we can read these books in any order and there aren’t so much as cliff hangers but a twist on the ending.

A semi sweet ending

I can’t spoil the ending for this new book coming out, but it is a hybrid ending. It will explain the witch Raina and her behavior and attitude in Meridian Chronicles Black Widow Curse & The Coven. She is in Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court, but she doesn’t get the good end of the stick in that story.

So it is a toss up when I blog what readers want to know from the author. I feel like readers may want to read some excerpts, especially if they are new to the books. I look at it like book shopping similar to going into the store. We browse around and pick up books to read to see if we connect to it enough to want to know more. I have written a lot about Raina, but this post will be about Naberious and Pandora.

So here is a minor scene with Naberious and Pandora.

Nevoc & The Necromancer Excerpt

“What do you want? Demons are opportunists...why me, why do you want to see what I do?” Pandora asked.

“I just want the pleasure of your company, nothing more. Just for this night.” Naberious remained astute in his response, serious and though the presentation of such a request from the overall sense of the word demon, was off-putting.

Despite all the rules they taught her and the warnings from other fairies, something in his eyes told Pandora differently. Something in his eyes gave rise to acceptance of his request with no reason or merit. A mysterious request that made her senses come alive and with it, fueled her burning desire for romance she tried to hide with her shell exterior.

“Well, all right, but it doesn't seem clear that there are any ghosts in need of fairy assistance. What will you do then?” she asked.

Naberious snorted and despite a glimmer of happiness, and it harrowed his penetrating eyes with guilty pleasure. “Come, I will show you where I really come from...I bet you didn't realize that some demons have a knack for time travel, did you?”

Pandora's face was incredulous, “Time travel? There is no such thing.” She cocked her head around as if the demon were spreading a lie.

Naberious said nothing, instead he extended his arm and opened his hand to Pandora with his palm exposed. “Come, you will see.”

Pandora raised her arm but drew it inward to her chest as she studied his hand. Slowly she reached forward by just an inch where she stopped and then brought her eyes to meet his. The pair never broke eye contact, even when Pandora reluctantly moved her hand to take his.

Once their hands met in such a peculiar fashion, there was an unspoken, lingering hesitancy from which Pandora struggled to maintain eye contact through her thick, black eyelashes that framed her aquamarine eyes.

Her soft touch did not match her outer appearance of a tough and cold fairy, but revealed more of her own truth to the demon. A side of her that if known, would in her mind, be a disappointment to her cold and calculating mother.

His hand was soft, and despite his long fingers his hands were not thin or cold, but fleshy and comforting. As Pandora's fingertips brushed the palm of his hand with a slow settle, he took in a deep breath as though it was unexpected. Naberious winced, and when he finally looked down within the palm of his hand, his face revealed surprise to not what he held in his own hand, but whose hand it was. The hand of a fairy and one with a pretentious and pious belief that who he was, a demon, deserved nothing from her and surely not an acceptance.

His long fingers wrapped around her hand and in silence he led her to the place he called his old home, his place of creation and his beacon for what he loved, lived and wished he could be once more.

“Where are we going?”

Naberious dropped his chin, exposing a hint of his smile when he turned his head slightly. “We will start in the dark realm where time travel is possible; To the gates.”

“The gates? The gates of hell, so to speak. Where the dark human souls are brought in by Moloch?”

“Well it isn't necessarily 'hell' as you put it. It is the gates to the dark realm. Hell is what the humans believe in. There is no such place but if you want to call it that...” Naberious said.

“I think everyone refers to it as hell?” Pandora questioned herself as much as him.

Naberious stopped outside the cemetery. “I know. You can call it what you want. Once we go, that is where we enter to time travel.” He created a portal to the dark realm. “But it can only go backward in time. Some demons may see the future, like Ipos, but we cannot go there. No one will question you because you are with me, but you will get some looks.” He smiled as he created the portal.

Portal through the dark realm

His free arm raised, he moved it in a circle and with each revolution, smoke and fire emerged. The Earth's scenery from within the emerging portal took on a watery appearance as the green trees gave way to a crimson appearance that hurled heat and wind.

Pandora squinted her eyes and looked away as the portal opened, her fair skin heated and flushed red with the swift heat. Naberious looked back and said, “Come, it really seems worse than what it is.”

They walked through together hand in hand and once on the other side, their hands broke apart. “Naberious, I have been to the dark realm before, you know. I have had the unfortunate task of turning over a few dark souls to Moloch. I just do not recall the entry like this.”

“Really? So, what is it like for you?”

Pandora shrugged and took in a deep breath, “Well my portal is different, it doesn't appear red, but it is purple and not nearly as warm,” she said fanning herself with an eye roll, “Why is it different for you?”

“Pandora, how many times have you portaled with another?”

Tugging at her bottom lip as she sunk deep into her thoughts, she said, “Actually, never! Wow, my mother has never even entered the dark realm with me.”

“Well that explains it. A portal isn't just anyone's portal. It represents the creator of the portal. A portal is the reflection of a soul or an aura. Now I know what your aura color is. Now you know mine. Most demons are red anyway, but there are variances.”

They continued to walk through a dark and now colder enclosed pathway of hardened, dry dirt that crumbled with their steps. For just a brief time they seemed to be in an enclosed area until they were in a large atmosphere of darkened red skies, smoky air full of sulfurous sediments and a harrowing feeling driven by the cold dem

on eyes that fell upon them.

Aside from the shears of dirt that crumbled under their feet, the only other audible noises where the hisses and the whispers of the legion that Naberious commanded. “Come, pay no mind,” he said as he pulled her through the thick atmosphere and glowing eyes of demon soldiers desperate to take her.

“Here we are, the gates. We will pass through these and I will show you were I come from.”

Pandora stood close to Naberious as they both looked up upon the high gates that he spoke of. Tall and wide, they enclosed the gates by two colossal statues- of an Egyptian tone and with it a remanence. “What is that vibration? That subtle buzzing? And I thought you said you came from the dark realm?”

Naberious looked at the tall and mysterious statues. “That is a magnetic field you are sensing.” He pointed to the center of the gate, which beyond that gate was not just one entry into the dark realm, but a ball of light full of an electrical current. “I was created in the underworld, but my first life was on Earth.”

Pandora examined the light and listened to the humming that accompanied it, “That is a magnetic field?”

“No, however, it creates one, come...it is in the light we walk, and you will see where I come from.”

Pandora stopped, no way. My mother said nothing about a demonic magnetic field or time travel in my studies.”

“She couldn't. She knows a lot about the demons, but she doesn't know about this, hardly any being does outside of the dark realm. Do not be afraid. Earth has a magnetic field. Think about it.” Naberious dismissed her worries while he shook his head.

Pandora seemed to have understood that later part of what he said, but she struggled to walk into what appeared to be a ball of electricity. She followed Naberious and the closer they walked, their feet left the ground and with each step they hovered higher than before until it submerged their bodies within the ball of light and disappeared.

Despite they submerged their selves within a grand ball of light, to Pandora this was just but a split-second event, as though it never happened. In a blink of an eye, she found herself in a place she had never been before, not even in the present day. Much opposite of her realm. This place was not only on Earth, it appeared to be in a desert. The horizon stood in a purple hue of mystery, with just a few planets in the sky that appeared as small stars. Below the horizon, sand covered the ground and the dry breeze tickled her ears. No mossy knolls, springs, or rocks to be seated upon.

Within a scant walking distance appeared two pyramids that stood together overlooking a city of Egyptians. Pandora filled with intrigue couldn't believe her eyes as she looked upon one of the most notable times in ancient Egyptian history.

“Naberious, we are in Egypt? You were created here? In Egypt? What is the time period?” Pandora's lust for curiosity left her lips faster than he could reply.

Naberious escorted her toward one pyramid and stopped while his eyes continued to gaze upon the Egyptians who were casually going about their evening, preparing for the night's feast. “This is sixteenth century, BC, Egypt. Most known for, The New Kingdom of Egypt. It is here, isn't it? Where, according to humans, all life began. Though the history goes back a lot further, this is merely the place in which demons were born into recognition, where demons are or were recognized by humans. Here in this place.”

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