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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

New Adult Paranormal Romance Fantasy

Hungry for more than just a great romance book? Well, I be a closet romantic, and as much as I enjoy reading about romance, to me there has to be more in the story and that is how I came up with my next novel,

The Demon Chronicles: Nevoc & The Necromancer

New Adult Romance Fiction Book

What is it about this book that you would like? Well, it has witches in an actual town in Massachusetts, called Salem. You know where the famous witch trials were held. I have visited Salem and it is an exceptional quaint town that knows how to keep the witch spirit alive.

Apart from the location, I wanted the title to be unique and I am a sucker for an anagram. So “Nevoc” is just coven spelled backward. So I set the story in two different times, in two different locations. Lost yet?

The Main Character

Raina, the Necromancer Witch

Well, the principal character’s name is Raina and she had a tough deal handed to her as a child. Never knew her mother, taken from her father in her early teens, she was sent to foster care and as she aged out, she needed a place to go. In comes Esmra, a witch of the coven in Salem. She also owns the bar “Nevoc” that she sold to Raina to give her a start in life all while letting her and Amelia, her best friend live there.

Open Pandora's Box

When Amelia does a few chores for Esmra to include cleaning out her old closet, it is then that she discovers an old wooden box with ancient Egyptian inscriptions. She keeps it and puts it away in her closet. Then Raina, who rooms with her, finds it

Egyptian Soul Key

and takes it to one of her employees to figure out what the symbols mean. Despite his warning, she opened “Pandora’s Box.” Literally, it is a box that holds a gate to the underworld where a necromancer fairy named Pandora was cast away by her own mother for consorting with a high ranking demon.

This took place one hundred years ago, in Egypt. Before Pandora was a fairy, she lived a past life as a priestess and that is when she connected to Naberious, the demon. After she was put to death for calling on a demon, Naberious lived thousands of years waiting to find her again and he did in the cemetery when she was scouting for lost souls who passed and needed to be helped to the next life.

To the Underworld

Hesitantly she agrees to accompany him to the dark realm where he shows her the gates of t

ime and takes her back to ancient Egypt to show her they were lovers in a past life. Just as she falls for him again, her mother assures her ill fate.

Years pass and when Raina discovers by opening Pandora’s box that she can use her to keep her newfound love interest, nearly all hell breaks loose on Earth with what Raina must do to help Pandora find Naberious and confront her mother, Selena.

On the sidelines, demons Lahash and Astaroth are eager to have Naberious return to the dark realm, so their stations will rise within the demon court. This all leaves Raina and Amelia in the crossfire of evil demon agendas and a feud between the dark one and Selena.

How does it end? Well, you will have to read it to find out! For those of you who read my first book The Meridian Chronicles: Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies, you remember that Selena sends Meridian on a quest to retrieve a ‘book’ from the dark realm that a demon stole from her years before. Now readers get to find out the history of that book and how it came to be. Read an excerpt to the story and keep scrolling to download a sample of the book. Publication is TBA.
What Else Am I Working On?

Historical Romance

Keep scrolling to catch a little of a new book I am already halfway finished with. Love historical romance, of the new adult genre, sprinkled with a little fantasy? How about Italy? I love everything Italian from the drinks, the food and I am even learning Italian as I write the book. Don’t worry it is in English but I will throw a few Italian words in throughout the story.

Excerpt - Nevoc & The Necromancer

“I was a human in my previous life. I was an Egyptian priestess for royalty. For the pharos. I used magic to speak to the dead and find out things for my king, and one night, I was practicing, and I called upon a demon. It was Naberious. At the time the Egyptians regarded him at Ikenty. He went on through the years to be known as Naberious. When I met him in this life, or the one I had before my mother cast me away, I didn’t remember that I had known him. Long story short, I was shown by him who I was, who we were. I was in love with him. Still, am. I must find him.”

“What will you do once you find him? I mean, you were banished.” Raina asked.

“I will confront my mother for what she has done, and he and I will be together again. Will you help me?” Pandora pleaded. “I will give you whatever you desire. You will learn the ways of the fairies.”

Amelia’s phone beeped and broke up the in-depth conversation. She dug through her purse. “Oh my, look at the time. It is after 1 a.m. Brian is looking for me, I have to go. I won’t say a word to anyone about this.” She quickly shoved her phone inside her large black leather purse. “But Raina, you and I need to talk tomorrow when we wake up. Okay?”

Raina nodded and watched Amelia rush out of the room, leaving her there with Pandora. “So, Pandora, do you need a place to stay?”

Raina allowed Pandora to stay inside the office in Nevoc. She quickly left the bar and went home, hoping to catch Amelia still awake so they could work out a plan. After arriving back at Esmra’s house, everyone was asleep. Once Raina made it to their bedroom, she opened the door and was relieved to see that Amelia just slid into bed.

“Oh, good, you are still up.” Raina sat down on Amelia’s bed with a big smile.

“What are you smiling at? This is nuts! We have some cursed dead fairy that came out of a box. This is not right, and I am having a hard time believing this isn’t some joke you are pulling.” Amelia snapped.

“What? Are you kidding me? You actually think I am pulling a joke on you? Well, as much as it would be a great one to claim, no I am not. You watched it happen just as I did.”

“Where is the fairy?” Amelia sat up in her bed while Raina stood up and went into the bathroom.

“I left her there, said she could stay. I will go back in the morning and figure out what to do to help her and will take her to the old cemetery in town.” Raina peeked around the doorway while she pulled up her pajama shorts.

The light from the bathroom reflected off of Amelia’s concerned face. “What if Esmra finds her? She has been checking on the bar even if you are basically the owner now.”

“She won’t. Remember that friend who wrote her a letter? She is coming up to Salem. Esmra will be too busy to notice anything. Trust me.” Raina said while she jumped in bed. Her shoulder-length black hair was pulled back in a low ponytail. She had on a spaghetti-strapped black camisole that stood out against her pale skin.

Amelia took a deep breath. “I can’t let you do this alone. I will help you after I get off work. Geez, I will be so tired. I have to be to work in a few hours. I will help, but we can’t keep some cursed fairy forever. Remember those words? Put no God before me? I fear her. What if she tries to hurt us?”

Raina rolled her eyes and flopped down on the bed. “She won’t. Remember, we freed her.”

Meanwhile, Derek finally fell asleep thinking of Raina, and Brian heard from Amelia with a vague and short explanation.


The next day, Amelia drug herself out of bed with little sleep to take her to shift at the coffee shop, and Raina herself could not sleep knowing that she had an ancient fairy at her acquired bar.

As she ran downstairs, ready to head out of the door to go to Nevoc, Esmra stopped her.

“Raina, you looked tired. You and Amelia have been keeping some strange hours. Is everything okay?”

Raina nodded and with a strained voice, she said, “Uh, yes, I am just trying to keep things running smoothly there. I want you to be proud of me.” She wiped away yesterday’s mascara that smudged down her face.

Esmra looked into Raina’s tired eyes. “Well, okay, you need to at least shower, huh? By the way, my friend Tallulah is coming soon. She will be here this afternoon. Will you be okay to run the bar alone today?” Esmra walked away to get another cup of coffee from the kitchen, leaving Raina in the living room.

“Yeah, sure, I have to go through. See you later.” Raina ran out of the house, jumped into her car and drove to the bar where she hoped to visit more with Pandora.

When Raina arrived, she was the first there before any of her staff. She raced down the hall back to the office and opened up the door to an empty room. She rushed in and frantically looked around and could not locate the fairy.

Raina busted out of the front door of her bar, jerking her head from side to side, looking for any clue where she would have gone. Unbeknownst to her, Pandora was close. However, she made herself invisible to the humans as she engaged in a conversation with a demon, but not the one she was hoping to find.


Across the street from Nevoc, Pandora and the demon sat in an empty park bench just beside the quiet street conversing.

“Pandora, now why you would believe that I would come here, to Salem, and help you locate him of all demons? You have been gone for one hundred human years. That is quite a long time, and you believe that Naberious would wait for you or even be available to you?”

Pandora narrowed her eyes. “Look Lahash, I barely know you, I only knew of you from rumors. You are not here for anything else but yourself. So if you will not help me, then leave!” Pandora admonished the smug demon.

Lahash relaxed his posture into the bench and looked around at the small-town residents going about their business. “Oh, this is my first trip here to Salem. You are powerless and weak. You are in no position to fight me. I only came to let you know that Naberious is out on vacation, so to speak for an undisclosed amount of time.”

“You lie! Why would you come to tell me that?” Pandora sat with her arms crossed and stared at the swaggering demon.

“I see why Naberious was so taken with you,” he snickered, “It is only the dark one and your mother who knows where he went.”

In a moment, Pandora disappeared from Lahash’s site, leaving him sitting on the side of the road and leaving Raina in further confusion as she continued to search for her.

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Crazy for Romance

New Historical Romance with a Paranormal Twist

The Demon Chronicles: Lahash & Black Moon Lilith

Lahash tells a story in a time where he finds out what it means to hurt, and what it means to survive as a demon. Readers get to know a young vile man, that Lahash nicknames ‘Little William’, and sometimes refers to him as “Little Man Boy.”

I introduced Lahash in The Meridian Chronicles: Black Widow Curse & The Coven and he is a bit of an anti-hero. He is a vile demon, but at the same time, it isn’t really a choice that he loves. Rather, he loves and reveres humanity and all that comes with it. Here is a little of that story.... Ever been inside a demon's mind?

I returned to the ballroom where the night's festivities were in full swing. The liquor helped loosen up the crowd even more, and I noticed some younger men, wearing identical masks, walked around the party and stopped at certain men and offered a sealed letter to each. The best my eyes could see, there were no names on each of the envelopes.

I crossed one of the masked men's path, and he said, "Excuse me, sir, are you hear by invitation?"

I paused. Not really, but how do I tell him a demon is on the loose here? "As a matter of fact, I am an invited guest. I thought all were invited."

He leaned forward and whispered. "For a different venue."

"Ah-hem, certainly." Despite I had a clue he meant for an event with those girls brought in by the boat, I had to play naïve.

He stood straight again, and the mask muffled his voice, and he said, "The gentlemen of the masquerade all receive their invitation to the business meeting here tonight. It is for members only."

The server extended his arm out, and there was a letter on the tray I took and thanked him for my invitation. I slid it into the pocket of my coat jacket and watched him and the others hand each gentleman an invitation. After, I excused myself outside I read it.

‘Mezzanotte allo scaffale nel seminterrato; segui i servi mascherati per il meglio di loro.’

‘Midnight at the bookshelf in the basement; follow the masked servants for the best of them.’

I will be there, and I checked my pocket watch and it read eleven o'clock. So, for my one hour, I could return to my vixen and find Sophia who has been left alone. I scurried in and looked for Sophia and it shouldn't be a surprise that Carlo took advantage of her sociopath brother leaving her unattended.

I saw her flaxen mane from across the ballroom floor through the dancer’s dips and turns. Her smile gave her away when she looked at Carlo as he escorted her out onto the floor. I couldn’t keep my eyes upon them within the crowd. With the clamored voices over the music, they drowned out William’s yelling at her for being with Carlo.

As the dance ended, I felt as though I couldn’t walk fast enough to bump into the pair as they left the dance floor, when William appeared and began shouting at Carlo. It seemed as though he was finished waiting for whatever it was, he was made to wait for, and I assumed it had something to do with the girls Mona tended to.

“Carlo, I have warned you. Stay away from her!” William threw off his mask and pushed Carlo away.

Stewart appeared and grabbed William by the arm and drug him away, leaving Sophia. Carlo wrapped his arm around her waist and said, “I am sorry Sophia, I don’t understand what I have done to your brother.”

There it was my golden opportunity to become apart of a life I have only watched over. I casually strolled up to her and said, “That was your brother?”

Her beautiful blue eyes locked with mine, and I could see all of her memories racing through my mind as a whirl wind, and all that I witnessed, I knew for sure she was a pure soul. Even as her memories became a part of my mine, it seemed though, that she stared through me, even behind my mask.

After a few moments of silence, I said, “Forgive me for eavesdropping, I just couldn’t help but overhear after such a commotion. Are you all right?”

She gasped and broke eye contact and she placed her hand over her chest, as though it startled her. “Your voice, it is so…”

Carlo studied her and then he looked to me and extended his hand. “I am Carlo, and you are?”

In return, I obliged my rival unbeknownst to him. “My name is Lahash.”

He retracted his hand after a brief encounter with my hand, as though something spooked him. “Yes, your name. It is familiar to me. Is it a family name?”

I giggled under my mask, and it was the best that he could not see me smile. “Well, one could say that it is an old name. I am not surprised that you express familiarity with it. But it is not as common these days.”

“What brings you here, to Venice? Do you live here?”

“No, I don’t live anywhere,. I consider myself a bit of a traveler and I have seen many places; however, I love Italy the most.”

“Lahash, your name. Why would your mother give you that name? Was she angry?”

I knew he knew of my name and for the darkness it was. “Well, who said I knew my mother at all? And even if I did, who is to know why this is my name, but it is just a name, isn’t it?”

“Well, Lahash is the name of an ancient demon. I love to read cultural history. But I can’t say I am the best source for such things, but my family is deeply religious.”

“Yes, Carlo, I understand. Most are, but you resist religion, don’t you?”

He struggled to look at my eyes through the mask, and it appeared it disturbed him with the way the conversation was going. All while Sophia looked at me as though she was in a trance, deep within a hypnotic state and with such a stupor that I imposed upon her, it was then I took her by the hand, with an unspoken request, to lead her to the floor to have her to myself. Just as my memory served me, the night I truly met Sophia.

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