Fairy Nymphs & the Demon Court Chapter 2

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Chapter 2

In this very brief chapter, readers get a hint of who Orion is.

Orion stood guard at the Queen’s door, and it was quiet in the Fairy realm. With the silence, his mind drifted as he stared through the opening to the massive garden right outside Selena’s chambers. The hallway leading to Selena’s quarters, dark and damp oozing with the smell of moss and the audible sounds of dripping water echoed through the halls taking Orion away to his memories of his first home.

There he stood as young Orion, childlike and innocent while he played in the river. Against his dark chocolate skin that glowed under the sunlight, made his amber eyes pop. A few feet away over a grassy knoll, his quaint home sat where he lived with his parents and siblings. As he played in the river alone, he studied the stones he found before he put them in his brown pouch to collect. As he continued to collect his stones, a tragedy was unfolding with an attack by a legion of demons sent out from the dark one, to end his kind and their existence.

Little Orion was too young to understand what was happening as he saw flames engulf his home as the demons lay waste to everything he knew. Days and nights passed, and little Orion wondered himself into exhaustion looking for his family. He traveled several miles over the course of the days he searched for his family until he could not go any further. He lay down at the base of a tree and watched with dying eyes as the low swinging limbs brushed his small hands. His breathing was shallow and stressed, his face hollow and sunken in.

Orion later awakened to find himself in new surroundings. His clothes were removed and replaced with green, soft fabric. His hunger pacified, and he felt rested and rejuvenated. Orion could not recount the time lapse from when he went to sleep under the big tree until the moment his eyes opened.

The cool, damp air was heavy with the scent of moss. Chuckling and cackling was audible in the distance trailed with whispers. Three beautiful beings stood over little Orion watching him take in his new surroundings. From a short distance, soft footsteps came closer, revealing another beautiful being with yellow cat-like eyes and white translucent skin.

She pushed her black hair over her shoulder as she rested her hand over his forehead. “There, there, now. You are safe, no one will hurt you, little one.”

Selena interrupted Orion’s placid streams of memories. “Orion! Are you alright?” She put her hand on Orion’s large forearm. Her face was tight with worry.

“Oh, yes, my Queen, I was daydreaming was all. I am fine.” Orion moved to change the subject. “So, what news do you have to share? Are the guides going to go on your quest?”

“Oh, of course. They went back to the witch with another demon’s riddle. Their entry was a little too easy and the riddle is very difficult. It may be time for the quartz sword. Come, we will go inside and you will learn its history.” Selena motioned Orion inside her quarters where the fairy nymphs were seated at the grand table in the center of the room, enjoying the fairy drinks influencing their joy and laughter.

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