Keepers & the Soul Key

Meridian Chronicles: Keepers & the Soul Key Chapter 3 Part 4

Slaten leaned forward in his chair, lowering his head so that his eyes would meet Warrick's. "So, if she is telling the truth, and I will be okay, then I am not as upset about my existence. But it doesn't change how I feel about what you have done to my friends. I want Janus released. I want you to get the council members out, and release Caius from the Hall of Souls and let Arianna go. This is all madness what you are doing. You can't make people feel something for you if it is not there. Caius was a good being, he stood for things. He cared about others. His daughter was meant to rule Etheria, and now we don't even know where she is. Stop this now. Maybe there is a way we can learn to live with each other again."

Warrick smirked and hissed. "Slaten, things can never go back to the way they were. I will rule Etheria, and I will release no one from the Hall or from the dark realm. Your mother will just have to learn to live with the way of things. For you, I will never allow harm to come to her. Just for you. I want Pramlee to return and be here at my side, just as you are."

Slaten abruptly rose from his chair. "No, I will not be at your side. I stay to protect mother from you. I tried to come here and make sense out of the crazy things you have done, but it looks like that didn't work. I warned you and will not stand for this. I can no longer stay here, with good guides out there risking their selves for what you have done." Slaten stomped away.

Warrick rose from his chair. "Where are you going?"

Slaten left without another word spoken. He quickly rushed down the hall and found his mother, Farrah in her own quarters. Barging in without warning. "Mother, I am leaving for Earth. I will find the others. I will get the council members out of the dark realm. I can't stay here with all that has happened. With Meridian missing, Caius still gone, things are going off track." he rushed his speech through his heavy breathing.

Farrah approached her son, but before she could say anything, Slaten put his hand up. "Don't even try to stop me. I am sorry mother, I love you. But things have gone way too far and stayed that way for too long. I can't sit here anymore and do nothing."

Farrah nodded and embraced Slaten, and as she wrapped her arms around her only son, Slaten let out a collective sigh of relief, loosening his tight composure. He looked down at her flaxen hair, he brought his hand up and brushed her hair, and kissed her atop of her head. "I love you, don't worry about me and stay here. I am going to make this right. When is the next meeting father has set for entrances of new guides?"

Farrah released her embrace and put her hand over her mouth. "I am not too sure and I overheard one of his guards talking of the next one, but I couldn't make out when. Warrick seems to be on a mission to get things as close to the way they were before everything fell apart. Strangely there is no ban on guides seeing to their humans. Many of them have left for Earth. The prison is empty, you know. Chance, I worry for him and Arianna."

"I know me too. I will be back soon." Slaten disappeared.

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