Keepers & the Soul Key - Back to the dark realm.

Meridian Chronicles: Keepers & the Soul Key Chapter 4 Pt. 2

Relic threw his arms up and paced. "What? What is it with that demon?" Relic left his head thrown back and said, "He is a demon on the high court, could have anything he wanted, but he wants a nymph, not caring about their spells and glamour." Relic brought his head forward, losing his amused and disgusted face and tone and looked right at Talon. "Uh, you know he is lying, and this is some trick."

Kieren said, "Oh yes, Relic, allow me to collect myself from that late-breaking update."

Relic paused and shifted his eyes over to Kieren. "That is my line."

Kieren tightened up his lips and gave a quick nod. "Yes, so how does it feel to have your lines used against you? Such a jack ass." Kieren muttered.

Pramlee's eyes widened, and she interrupted the boisterous banter. "Anyway, back to our plans." With an over-pronounced clearing of her throat she said, "So, I don't care about crazy Lahash. The nymphs are going with us anyway, so if Mr. Swagger believes we are doing him a favor, then let the arrogant demon believe that. All I care about is, we get our kind out and we go back to Etheria. As much as I hate what will become of my father, I guess it is just." Pramlee's tone lowered, she dropped her eyes to the ground studying the loosened hay that covered the barn floor.

In moments, the nymphs, along with Selena, Luna, and Orion, arrived to go with Talon and the others to the dark realm. Moving to the old cemetery Lahash mentioned, they came ready for Talon to create his portal for the journey. Pramlee seemed to be the only one eager to make the trip as she stood next to Talon like an excited school girl driven by her quirky ways. She watched with wide eyes as Talon created a circle with his arm in fast motion. A fire and smoke-filled circle emerged, driving the compelling heat and winds, unbearable for the fallen himself to endure. As always, he turned his head away from the roar of the flames and squinted his eyes from the smoke. His chin rested on his shoulder, with one eye open, he looked at Pramlee in confusion.

Pramlee, though being belted with the heat and wind, did not seem to bother her as it did the rest. She squinted her eyes; her blue hair spread away from her face with only short wisps dancing around her delicate profile. She expressed a forced grin despite the discomfort. "Okay! Can we go now?" she shouted over the roar of the winds.

Talon furrowed his face. "Why do you look so happy!?"

"I'm not! This is my game face!" she pointed to her forced, broad smile.

Talon chuckled through his discomfort and looked past Pramlee to the others. The nymphs had a similar look, but Relic and the other guides not so much. Relic and Kieren were shaking, standing behind the others. Orion seemed unphased, looking at Relic and Ridge, his lips began to turn upwards, quivering as he tried to hide his mild amusement in watching the cocky guides shake in their boots.

Lotus stepped closer to Relic and leaned in to whisper in his ear. Her flaxen hair blew around her face while she attempted to subdue her locks, she pressed what portions of her hair she could hold on to against the side of her head. She said, "Don't worry Relic, I will protect you." She grinned, and her cheeks flushed as she took Relic by the hand.

Relic attempted to hide his joy from Luna's prying and sad eyes as she stood with her mother. He scanned the group, and the pair made eye contact, that he broke when he darted his eyes toward his feet.

"Okay! Lahash claims when we get in, that we will enter a passage that is secret and that no harm will come. I still say we do it as we have in the past. Keep your wits; do not believe everything you see or hear. The demons will play tricks. Remember who you are!" Talon shouted.

"Talon, will we get out? If we leave the other side of the portal unguarded. With Selena and Luna with us, there will not be any fairies to hold the portal open. Is this something we should reconsider?"

Selena stepped closer to Orion, placing her hand on his massive forearm as she leaned in to answer the question. "Orion, this is very good of you to bring up. We will get out. No one needs to stand guard outside the portal. I trust if we become trapped, Siren can get us out. Rest assure." Selena patted Orion's arm and gave a nod to Talon.

Once everyone was snuggly in, the portal snapped shut behind Talon. He turned quickly in surprise and gazed at the spot that once was the portal he created. Only the crimson atmosphere remained. He turned back to the group who stood together, watching him. He nodded, "It is okay; we need to move along."

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