Keepers & the Soul Key-Chapter 7 Pt. 3

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Back in Etheria, Meridian was in a world of mixed emotions, having learned Aiden remained trapped in the dark realm, guides that passed on, one being Ridge. At the same time, she was happy to return home, to have her memories restored from her life in Etheria but plagued at the information she learned.

Meridian left Warrick's palace with Pramlee and her mother, Arianna, alongside for company, away from the chaos ensuing the other guides. Meridian looked upon the dwellings of the other guides, the places of rest and solitude, which seemed cold and empty.

"It doesn't feel the same to me. Now that I have the memories that Warrick stole from me, it doesn't feel the same. I feel like a part of me is missing. I miss father; I wish he could be here." Meridian said.

Arianna rested her arm around Meridian as they walked together, and Meridian leaned her head into Arianna's shoulder, looking downward at her mother's feet as they took turns making their appearance from underneath Arianna's long cream-colored dress.

"Meridian, I know you feel torn. I miss your father too. I know that now that Charity has returned to take over the council that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Having you away from me and losing your father, I have never felt so alone and sad. I am just so happy to have you back, the way you are meant to be." Arianna caressed Meridian's platinum tresses, pushing them away from her face.

"Are we going to wake father?" Meridian's eyes perked up with a twinkle.

"I don't know, in the days past this was something that could be done, but now with everything gone awry I am uncertain, but it is something to be discussed with Charity." Arianna dropped her hand off and away from Meridian's shoulder and stopped walking.

Pramlee let out an exuberant smile, "Look Meridian, home!" Pramlee ran toward Meridian's dwelling and jumped onto the quaint bridge that ran over the endless circle of water encompassing their home.

"I have changed nothing; I left it the way everything was before they took us." Arianna's voice lowered; her eyes drifted to Meridian. "I feel nervous to go back. It isn't the same without your father."

The trio walked through the doors to their home and Meridian looked around the gathering room, recalling memories of times passed. She ran her fingers across the table she and her mother had their last heart to heart talk. Meridian turned and looked to Arianna who was walking away into the study where she and her husband, Caius spent many hours talking.

Meridian smiled while she watched her mother. "Mom, I can still hear your thoughts. Can you hear mine?"

Arianna stopped walking but did not turn around to answer her daughter... she didn't answer her at all. Meridian sighed and snickered as she put her hand up to her mouth to hide her smile. "I love you too, mom," Meridian answered back.

Pramlee spent a few moments touring their dwelling, her eyes twinkled, and with it, she still held an exuberant smile, and she did not attempt to hide overflowing enthusiasm to have her best friend back.

"Meridian, I know this is a time of mixed feelings with coming home and reuniting with your mother and us and with news of Aiden; and wanting your father back. I am here for you, no matter what. It just was not the same without you. Kieren and Relic..." Pramlee stopped herself when Meridian snapped her head around when she heard the two names.

"What? What about them? I hardly got a chance to say anything to either of them." Meridian said.

"Well, you know Kieren had a major crush on you, and I don't have to remind you how in love Relic is. He still has the same look in his eye when he sees you. They both didn't make too much of a fuss when they found out the news about you and Aiden, but I think Relic secretly is taking it harder." Pramlee's sparkling eyes dwindled a bit, her tone was softer, and she stared into Meridian's eyes.

"I always cared for Relic; I still do. He was so much like a brother to me. I never meant to hurt him." Meridian shook her head as she sat down at the table and fidgeted. "I always looked at him as a brother. And Kieren. I still feel I am fond of him. I didn't have much time with him. I feel different when I am with Aiden." Meridian's voice perked up, "Why do you care about Relic, anyway? You are always picking on him."

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