Lahash, Astaroth - Who are they and what is Next for Lahash in future books?

In the last two books in the Meridian Chronicles series, I focus more and more on demons. Two demons take center stage in Fairy Nymphs & the Demon Court and Keepers & the Soul Key. Lahash and Astaroth are those two demons, who historically were lovers. (Fiction, in my book)Lahash is also in the new series, The Demon Chronicles.

Lahash the Demon

Lahash, the demon

Lahash is a demon, who by most accounts, is a trickster of sorts. According to, “Lahash is a powerful angel. Along with Zakun, he led 184 myriads of spirits in their attempt to intercept the prayers of Moses before they reached God. As punishment, they were chained up with fire and given 70 lashes with a whip of fire. They were banished from Heaven by Samuel.”

(Faber. L. 2010. The Book of Angels. London. Arcturus Publishing Ltd.)

Well, that sounded intriguing for my books. He was basically a fallen angel, according to folklore. He seemed to me as trickster more less, and this sparked the idea to have Lahash in my books, as a selfish, arrogant demon, but not fallen. In my books, he is not a fallen angel, but he was born a demon. He does rule many legions on Earth where he spends much of his time.

Now the prevailing theory is that demons, satan, or whatever the flavor of the week is, that they influence mankind in all our evil ways, must we repent and be saved.

Lahash Gets His Power on Earth

I chose another way. Instead, it is humans of free will commit their acts, and it is merely demons absorb their energy from the downtrodden humans on Earth. So Lahash, he is a renegade. He does accomplish most of the tasks the dark one sets out for him to do. However, he always has to do things on his terms.

He only sits in with politicians, because he believes they are the superior humans who are evil, that will feed his appetite and give him the power he needs to survive. Lahash doesn’t quite think he should have to lower himself to draw energy from any other lower corrupt human form.

And he does have his past and current affairs or love interests.

His introduction in Black Widow Curse & The Coven appears with his conversation in the club in Salem. He meets Talon, a former spirit guide, cast out as a fallen on Earth.

His interest in what the guides were doing with the fairies was only part. Lahash wanted to know why a fallen would help spirit guides.

Lahash Tells Talon

Lahash tells Talon the dark one sent him to find out why he was helping the spirit guides and why the fairies would be involved. The rumor in the book is that the fairies who have, for a long time, remained neutral in helping lost souls pass over, were now seemingly changing their position.

If that be the case, then the agreement the dark one has with Warrick, the spirit guide’s leader, keeping more lost souls on Earth to keep the balance of good and evil in check would no longer be. Then that would mean the dark one would become very upset with Warrick, who secretly is a demon.

Readers find this out toward the end of that book, and for the rest of the series, Warrick plots ways to stay in power in Etheria.

Astaroth the Demoness

Lahash has a distant past with another demoness, known as Astaroth. Typically Astaroth is thought to be a male demon. However, in my book, Astaroth is a demoness and the only demoness at court with the power to infiltrate human dreams, and she can impersonate anyone she chooses. In Fairy Nymphs & the Demon Court, she makes an appearance, but she takes a good part of the stage in Keepers & the Soul Key. She has found a new fascination with one of the important characters and she has no intention of helping out her fellow demons or letting this character go too easily.

She appears in the next book, Nevoc & the Necromancer, but she will not play a strong role nor do you get to see her selfish side too much. In the new story, she is after becoming a favorite of the dark one at court, by begging an old and important demon, Naberious to return from his self-exile. Why would a demon self-exile?

Naberious - The Keeper of the Dark Realm

Well, Naberious is the guardian of all dark souls whom Moloch collects. He also happens to be a romantic at heart which is ironic and strange for a demon. In history, Naberious is a demon and in ancient Egyptian times, he was known as Ikenty, which through the centuries, Ikenty came to be known more like a good being versus a demon.

In my book, he falls in love with a necromancer fairy, Pandora who is Selena's other daughter. Readers find out the suffering that becomes Pandora for entering into an affair with a demon. Because of her punishment, Naberious runs back to Egypt to the city of the dead. It was there that he first met Pandora in another life.

Readers find out that demons can time travel through the gates in the dark realm and there is another place for demons and other supernatural, which lies in the underworld. Naberious shows Pandora the gates of time and to Egypt where he became known to her.

Enter Lahash and Astaroth. Remember in Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies where Selena sends Meridian to get 'the book' and it was taken by a demon? In this book, you get to find out which demon stole the book and why. A hint, it has to do with Pandora and her punishment.

Lahash and Astaroth think if they can convince Naberious to return to the dark realm, and give the book back to Selena that the dark one will be happy with his return and bestow entitlements to them for encouraging Naberious to return.

What about Raina the witch? Well, the other story happening is Raina, who finds the box hidden in Amelia's closet. This box is the center of the story, it is Pandora's box. If the real Pandora is released would bring down a curse upon humans and she will have a bone to pick with her mother. It is with Lahash's assistance and Astaroth's demoness ways of disguising herself to trick Raina into beliving she is Pandora.

See how the end is shaking up?

What's Next For Lahash?