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So if you want to know what this book is about in a nutshell here in this blog post — take The Craft meets Constantine, cross it with elements of The Mummy meets Romeo & Juliet, and top it off with a twisted version of Pandora's Box, and you will have a nutshell version of The Demon Chronicles: Nevoc & The Necromancer. Yes, I said the Mummy. Egyptian curse, bringing someone back from the afterlife and those who love can only do so in death.

November 13th - Nevoc & The Necromancer

The book released last month! It is prime reading time! Curl up with a new ebook from your Amazon kindle, iPad or nook and relish in some paranormal fantasy, with some darkness to it. Shorter days, more staying at home, and there is only so much television you can stand, right? But first, how about a free ebook?

Free Ebooks

I feel the frustration, and that is when I do the most of my own writing and blogging. Typically, when I find myself at the end of the year, that is when I like to do giveaways except for when a new book comes out. So if you are reading this and have never read one of my books or ebooks, now you can and you can download it for free to add to your library in your ebook readers now through Christmas. So get your bookmarks, tablets, iPhone or smartphones out and get ready for some fresh entertainment.

Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court

Right now the ebook is free at select retailers.

What is the Latest Book About?

Glad you asked. This is my fifth book that is published. I am on my last few words of my sixth book that comes out next year. It is a parallel love story. One where a witch haunted by her past struggles in romance and a fairy who falls in love with a demon cursed to the underworld until the witch finds the box — Pandora's box, that is. As Pandora returns with vengeance, she is also looking for her lost love, Naberious, who has exiled himself back to Egypt, the place where they met a long time ago.

Paranormal Romance & Witches

Sound fun? Think of the old version of the craft. Remember the dark-headed witch character, who was the leader of her small group of four? Her character's name in the movie was Nancy Downs, and her actual name is Fairuza Balk.

If you want to understand the main character more, watch that movie and you will get an idea of who "Raina" is in my book. Similar characteristics and troubled life at home, but I have to say that my character has suffered more than Nancy did in the Craft.

So take The Craft and cross it with elements of The Mummy meets Romeo & Juliet. Yes, I said the Mummy. Egyptian curse, bringing someone back from the afterlife and those who love can only do so in death. Top it off with a twist on Pandora's Box, and you have The Demon Chronicles: Nevoc & The Necromancer.

Modern Day Love & Old Curses

So who cursed who? Selena the fairy queen wants to make an example out of her own daughter, Pandora, and exiles her through the box into the underworld and convinces Naberious, the high court demon that she has left with another.

When Raina discovers the box in a closet where her coven lives, she takes on the dark side and summons the fairy. Seeing that Pandora needs help, she is all too willing to give Raina what she wants as long as she helps her find Naberious.

But there is a catch...

The Two Opportunistic Demons : Lahash & Astaroth

Have you ever been in a difficult situation and you felt that there were those around who would like to capitalize on your bad day?

Well, Lahash and Astaroth are two demons with a past who linger around the humans and use Raina. Why would they need to use her? Well, both demons would like their ranks to grow in court, and if they were somehow to get Naberious to return and bring the coveted fairy book, he stole would please the dark one.

I can't tell you the rest or I would give away the story, but keep in mind through the story of two individuals trying to see their way to getting what they want, and that is love or to be reunited with a lost love, there are two demons capitalizing on their misfortunes.

Excerpt from the E-book & Paperback

Here in this excerpt is where Lahash confronts Naberious about Pandora ...

Lahash walked down the long and dark stone hallway of the dark realm where the only audible noise was his fashionable Paris made boots. With light clicks from his boots as the only audible sound, he took his time going to the prison to see the one and only, Naberious.

As he arrived, the demons of the prison continued their work, not paying any mind to him. They too were busy tending to the souls captured and tortured. Faint sounds of whimpers and screams echoed through the large cave-like room, with a deep crimson red atmosphere, and smothered by steam and smolder.

He arrived at the prison, where Naberious remained behind an adjacent glass wall, hardly visible to the naked eye. “Naberious, so what have you done to warrant such a station? You, the keeper of wicked souls, and Moloch's keeper. You of all demons who reigns nearly as the evil lord himself. How did you arrive?” Lahash asked with a slithery smile, begging for more than just an explanation.

Naberious remained on the furthest side of the cell, his head hung low, and he didn't offer to lift it to even regard the provoking demon. “I figured you knew why I am here.” He answered with an indistinct voice.

Lahash moved closer to the invisible wall and tightened his black eyes, and he placed the tip of his index finger on the window, lighting it up, bright red and burning his finger. He left it perched on the glass for just a few moments while his black eyes remained on Naberious. “I haven't a clue why you are here, however, whatever you have done to evoke the fairy queen to send one of her books with spells from the Egyptian book of the dead, you did something very naughty.”

Naberious raised his head. “The fairy queen?”

“Yes, whatever you did upset her, and rumor has it to do with one of her daughters.”

Naberious dropped his head down once again and mumbled, “We are in love.”

Lahash pulled his head back with a pause. “Are in love? More like were.”

Naberious jumped up and darted straight for Lahash. His eyes glowed, and his face angered. “Were? What do you speak of?”

Lahash remained close to the prison wall and locked eyes with Naberious. “Oh, I guess you didn't know. Your lover, well, she has been banished. However, she suffered greater wrath than you have; well, as of now. Who knows what the dark one will do with you? For the longest time, we had an understanding with the fairies. The dark, lost souls Moloch collected, and those marked for good passing, the fairies delivered them to either us or the spirit guides. This isn't something the fairies have to do; it is or was something they did as a neutral party in the Universe. Now with having your naughty shenanigans with the queen's daughter, wasn't a clever idea.”

Naberious stood still, his face incredulous and his breathing heavy with rage. With reddened eyes and heated skin, he shouted, “Where is she!”

Lahash, being his quarrelsome and natural contrarian self, said, “Her mother cast her to dust with her soul banished to the underworld.”

“What? That isn't right? The underworld? No human or being has spoken of that place in ages. At the time of the Egyptians...” Naberious lowered his voice as he sunk in thought of his long-ago memories.

“Naberious, those who have evolved into another life that comes as a fairy can be cast to the underworld. Otherwise, they live for thousands of years. Where did you think Selena cast out her kind?”

Naberious shook his head. “I didn't know. That wasn't something she and I ever discussed. Even the dark lord never discussed it.” Naberious brought his head up and narrowed his eyes. “You lie!”

“Why would I lie to you about something like that? You should thank me for telling you; no one else had any plans to do so. She is gone, so it should make your banishment easier. You do not have to worry about her.”

Naberious dropped his head, and his eyes turned red. Having been some time since he had shown his wicked side was a sight for Lahash. The high demon sat in his private cell awaiting an unknown fate.

“Banishment? I am a member of the higher courts. No member has ever suffered a banishment or even disposal.”

Lahash closed his eyes for a moment, and he squinted them tight as he relinquished his need to be sarcastic and said, “I have not a clue what will come to you. But now that the queen is up in arms, I guess the fairies will no longer be neutral parties.”

Naberious said, “Our Lord doesn't care who we are with, and he will not banish me.”

Lahash snorted, “Well, no demon I have ever heard of consorted with a fairy in this way. Well, I take that back. There has been one instance.” Lahash brushed his fingers across his mouth and his eyes widened. In a melodramatic tone, he said, “Could the queen be upset because she too has had a brief fling with a demon or two? Oh, now this would make for a grand soap opera. What do you think?” Lahash sneered.

“Lahash, what do you know of the queen laying with demons?” Naberious's voice was hasty.

“Well, only rumors. Maybe you should ask the dark one.” Lahash said and then disappeared.

More to Come

I am finished with the last book! (or I have the final scene and now it is being written.) This book took longer because life and work happen! But it will come out in August. I can’t wait. I have enjoyed writing this book so much.

Happy Holidays!

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