Meridian Chronicles: Keepers & the Soul Key Chapter 3 Part 3

Lahash toys with Talon over Aiden and the Selena shows the fairies of her magical map of the dark realm.

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Lahash said, “Yes, I know where he is. However, you don’t seem convinced. Bring the nymphs; maybe with a release of the council members will convince of things I know of. Gather who you can, create your portal from the old cemetery here in town. No one will bother you. You have my word.” Lahash said with his voice in an echoing trail before he vanished from the barn, leaving Talon alone.


The fairy nymphs accompanied Selena and Luna back to the fairy realm and made their plans to enter the dark realm and get the spirit guides that were held as prisoners. Orion stood watch at her door as he always did, returning to his usual self as seemingly one of the fairies. Things in the fairy realm remained unchanged as the other fairies that existed there went about their business. Within Selena’s quarters, all the fairies gathered around her table, seated with the famous fairy Kool-Aid Relic spoke so fondly of.

Selena stood and waved her hands up in the air, creating a glowing image of the scenery, much like a map of the dark realm. There it stood, hovering over the grand table, a three-dimensional image of the dark realm. Siren and Venus stood up from their chairs as they watched the queen create such a spectacular image.

“Selena, how do you know about all these tunnels in the dark realm? I have not seen such passageways before. When we have been there, it was hard to discern where we were coming in, but we always arrive in the same place where all exchanges take place with the dark one. I only saw the one tunnel where Orion and Ridge came out of when we fought.” Siren said.

“Yes, I know. You would not have been able to see these tunnels. They are hidden and guarded. The dark realm is massive, never-ending and each place within the dark realm has separate places for many things. They hide from anyone.” Selena lowered her voice, “I know many things, and some I wished I didn’t know of the dark realm.”

Lotus stood and gazed into Selena’s unsuspecting eyes, “Selena…, things you don’t want to know?” she questioned, and after no answer from Selena she said, “I know what Selena speaks of.”

Venus, sat playing with her fairy wing, uninterested looked at Lotus in amusement. “Lotus, how would you know any of that. You have only been to the dark realm the one time. No one knows what Selena speaks of.”

“Yes, I know. When we were there, during the fight, I picked Relic up, and we flew upward and stayed on a ledge. I turned around and spotted a small opening where the dark one’s demon soldiers were coming from. Tiny and would only open long enough for them to rush through before closing. I think beyond the opening there is much more there.”

Echo looked to Lotus in irritation. “So why didn’t you share this before?”

Lotus shrugged her shoulders and looked away. “No one asked."

Selena took pause to Lotus and her comment, raising an eyebrow to what she heard. “We can get in here.” Selena pointed to the same area where Ridge and Orion exited. Orion can lead us; he was back there when they were taken. I believe that this passageway will lead us to the other Spirit Guides that have been taken away. We need Charity, and Brennan… to get them back. Once we get them back, the fallen will have to join us, we will return to Etheria at the council meeting and confront Warrick.

Meridian Chronicles: Black Widow Curse & the Coven

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