Meridian Chronicles Series Excerpt from Raina the Witch

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Raina stopped and looked at Meridian before she would answer. She walked over to her, took her by the hand, and looked at the mark on her wrist. “Infiniti. Esmra did you see this?”

“I know about her mark,” Esmra stated.

Raina walked over to her wall where it held a wall of books, journals and bottles full of herbs and oils. She opened up a wooden box and pulled out a deck of Tarot cards. As she took her time going through the deck, she asked Meridian, “When did you get that tattoo?”

“What tattoo? The one on my wrist? I do not know; I can’t remember,” Meridian answered.

“Raina, I know about that. She had that mark on her wrist when I read her, but it was white, like it glowed. It is not a normal tattoo,” Tallulah said.

Raina stopped going through her tarot cards and pulled one out. Look at this card and tell me what you see,” Raina said as she handed her the Tarot card.

Meridian was hesitant to answer the witch’s strange question. There were a few things on that tarot card. As Raina continued to stare at Meridian, she felt pressure to answer. “A wizard?”

Raina was careful in her study of Meridian and the way she answered her. “Look at the symbol above his head; it is just like your tattoo. Do you know what the meaning of this card is?”

“No, I have only seen these cards at Tallulah’s, but she never explained them to me.”

Raina took the card back, put it in the deck, and then walked back to her desk as though she was uninterested. “Infinity represents power, strength and transformation. It is a good omen to have the card drawn from the deck. If it is true that you possessed this mark before, and you are what Tallulah suspects, then whoever you are, you must be something of importance - for change and unbridled power and gifts,” Raina said to Meridian. “Esmra, I don’t know how you think I can do anything. If she is of some kind of purity, there isn’t anything I can do.”

Raina was keeping more to herself, and by the look on Esmra’s face, she suspected that but was not in a position to make any demands. Despite knowing that breaking a curse of this magnitude may be impossible, she chose to play along. After all, Raina was not a witch without her own agendas

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