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A new book that I am working on, ‘Lahash & Black Moon Lilith,’ you can meet a new character. The Demon Chronicles Series, William, is a young man who lives in Milan, Italy with his parents and sister. This young man has just graduated from law school and it an apprentice for another lawyer in town. His goal is to be and be a part of the secret society.

Fantasy Paranormal in Italy

They practice evil magic at a place named Cortigiana’s. There is much more to Cortigiana than meets the eye. Apart from being a restaurant and bar, it is a brothel. But is goes deeper. This is the place where the secret society gathers to participate in ceremonies that include young women. Some of these women end up being workers of the bar.

In special years, every one thousand years, Black Moon Lilith comes to visit Earth to bless the secret society with power. These gentlemen believe that with her blessing they will receive more money, wealth and power.

While all this is going on, lurking, is one demon, Lahash. Readers know him from the prior series and even the new book Nevoc & The Necromancer.

The difference here is this book is in 1732. So it is a historical paranormal fantasy. Lahash, in this book readers will see him a little different.

He is still pompous, but since this story is told from his point of view, he is more relatable. Readers see him with a little compassion within his selfish ways.

One demon

Demons in my books must stay close to the downtrodden of humanity. They get their means to survive through their evil energy. Demons are not the influencers, but they are opportunists that capitalize on a human’s terrible choices and ways.

In this story, there is plenty of that, as Lahash discovers William. He refers to William in a couple of pet names such as" little William" and "man-boy," because he is disgusted by William’s lack of spine and immature ways. Then he finds his sister Sophia, who is unlike William. She is pure and untainted.

While Lahash cannot make himself known, he can with Lilith’s blessing. Which he goes to Lilith before she descends upon Earth to ask for a small window of time to be in the flesh.

Once he is in the flesh, he attends a masquerade and finds his way to Sophia, but not without provoking little William, who doesn’t believe that Lahash or another gentlemen, Carlo are good enough for his little sister.

He isn’t just a protective brother, he has serial killer tendencies and some serious secrets that he hides from his family and the public. He learns well, as his father too participates in dubious behavior.

If you missed meeting Lahash, you can in the book where he is introduced. ‘Black Widow Curse & The Coven.’ You can also read his character interview here.

Here is a brief


Little William dropped his sister at Stewart's and as he said, they too were going to the opera and the ball. He went to Cortigiana to find Mona, who remained uncertain if she would go anywhere with psycho little William. He stormed into her room and found another man dressing after his escapade with Mona. He was not friendly and gave a death's stare to the gentleman, and he left after paying Mona.

Little William looked angry as he stared at Mona while she dressed. She kept her eyes to the floor. He grabbed her chin and forced her face up, and he stared into her eyes. "What are you doing with him?"

"William, what are you talking about? This is my job; you are not my only frequent visitor. This is how I earn my way."

A tear came from her eye and her body shook as he leaned in closer to her. "You will not see him again. Do you understand?"

What in the hell was William doing? Where did this come from? Little scared man-boy who cowers to his father, plays the virgin for Mona, plays the little lost boy in need, now emerges this dark and high-handed character. For a time there, I considered that the ax was some empty threat to her. He seems so much angrier at his father. Oh, little William, this is driving me mad.

She swallowed hard and said, "How am I to live?"

William threw her on the bed and tore away the dress that she had not put back on. He held his hand over her mouth. "I will make sure I take care of you. You will be with no other until I say otherwise. Do you understand?"

So, revolting as he held her down, he unbuckled his pants to mark his territory so to speak and made sure that she understood he was in charge. I must admit that the one minute he lasted would leave me wanting to be convinced more, but this is little William here. No wonder he has to pay for it. No other woman would have him. By the time she removed her dress, he would be done for the night, and how fun would that be?

So, after he concluded his man-boy charge, under his heavy hand she nodded, and he pulled away from her. "You will go with me tonight. I need you to find a dress for the opera and next week a masquerade."

She scooted away from him on the bed. "William, I have not the attire or the funds for this."

He took her by the hand. "Come with me, my friend will set you up and there will not be a problem. Here." Little William handed her a bag of money from his pocket, which was odd, I did not see him put anything in his pocket. What am I saying? The guy never washes his stockings, and those are pants he has been wearing unwashed for over a week. So, no telling how long that money has been in his pockets. But where does he produce such funds?

He led her out and kept a watchful eye on her, and she was nervous under his watch. He took her to Stewart's as promised where she alongside my lovely Sophia dressed for the evening. The most horrible thing was, I could not stop wondering about the money and what he planned to tell his pompous father when he does not return.

All of those considerations became something so small compared to the beauty that became before me. Within the confines of Stewart's home, Sophia entered the dining room where everyone sat and chatted over drinks.

The chatting subsided with her appearance. There in her new dress from man-boy, her hair was in a twist, with soft tendrils of platinum curls that brushed her shoulders. Oh, and her scent filled the room and she painted her lips red for the evening. Her sparkling eyes twinkled in the candlelit room and told of her innocence. There Sophia twirled around and everyone, except nervous Mona. She sat close to Stewart's wife and remained quiet, only keeping her eyes on William.

Little man-boy seemed to have grown a few more inches since his verbal lashing from daddy-brute. He stood proud and rushed to her side and wrapped his arm around her to make his claim no doubt.

But I wonder if she is rarely out, then how will others respond to her charm and innocence. There is little time for talking at an opera, but much time to gaze depending on the angle. After a brief time, William escorted his sister and Mona out along with Stewart and his wife to the opera at Teatro Regio Ducal.

As we arrived in Stewart's carriage, hosts greeted them and helped the ladies from the coach while Stewart and little man-boy walked a few feet away. I hardly recognized the little man-boy, and I was so taken with Sophia. William's head was covered by a most eloquent top hat, borrowed from Stewart. And then I overheard them discussing Cortigiana.

"William, I am most proud of you. I am certain that you will find working with me will continue to be lucrative for you. If you can continue to work in my office as my assistant, I can give you some additional work. Small projects that pay well. Hmm?"

Little William was beaming. "I am most eager for my employment to flourish under your gracious tutelage. What is it I can do for you?"

"The masquerade ball, the one in Venice. You can come, William?" Stewart lowered his voice and his eyes right along with the clandestine insinuation.

"Of course. I am looking forward to the evening. I understand that we would need to leave early, to travel to Venice, around a day early. I have not mentioned this to your father. So, you will need to explain to him you are going away on business to help me out. He will understand."

"Stewart, is this just for the masquerade?"

"No, son. We will have business in the afternoon. I will bring my wife along, so if you want to bring Mona, I see that you are fond of her. And Sophia, she is such a delight. She is coming of age, and your father will have no problem marrying her off."

William's face darkened as Stewart talked of Sophia's beauty, his pupils dilated giving those already brown eyes a black ominous hue. I can see why he would be protective of her being his little sister, but he does not believe he will continue his midnight necrophiliac like peep shows forever? Aside from his depraved and odious mind, I enjoyed the show myself. But he carried a little more darkness to him when he thought of another with Sophia. His jaw remained locked as Stewart talked about his oldest daughter and how sweet she was at an early age. Then after Stewart's incessant rambling subsided, he said, "So William make sure you are at our house early, so we can get an early start."

Little William's face broke, and he transitioned back into the William that Stewart knew.

He said, "Of course. I will have everyone ready to go to the ball. I appreciate the attire you lent out to me, as I will need to borrow this again for the ball."

Stewart smiled and said, " No, I have a small project at the office for you to work on this week, your earnings should cover a new outfit for you and your company."

It seems here, Stewart has a kind heart and acts more as a father figure to little William that his own father does. This reminds me of what his father is all about and why such disdain for his son.

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