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Nevoc & The Necromancer

Nevoc and The Necromancer
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As the fall of 2020 comes closer, I am excited that Halloween is close as well. My latest book doesn’t have elements of Halloween in it; however, the theme for dark, gothic and Halloween elements certainly are in this book.

Nevoc & The Necromancer is told in the third person as all of my books are, except the new one I have coming out next year. During the story, the characters are witnessed by invisible characters such as demons and fairies. This book is unlike my previous four in that there are no spirits or angels.

But you can be excited about the witches, and a psychic from previous books are in it.

So the story starts out with Esmra, a coven leader who when she goes into her closet visits her memories of when Raina, another witch, came into her life.

Raina was an abused child raised in foster care who starts out with good intentions but makes some mistakes as her craving for the dark and power overtakes her better intentions. All this while she sabotages what could be a new and exciting relationship. So in desperation she summons a cast away necromancer fairy who has her own anger and agendas.

All while this plays out, two demons, Lahash and Astaroth are waiting for the right opportunity to advance their agenda to gain higher favor in the demon court.

Excerpt from Nevoc & The Necromancer

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“Oh, goddess I set you free and you are beckoned

To bestow your gifts and power, I make you my weapon!

Appear to me now and hear my call

I call on you almighty Necromancer give me all!”


The winds picked up and blew dried leaves from the ground back into the air. A blanket of gloomy clouds covered the night sky. Raina looked up and pulled her black hair away from her eyes, and she smiled.

Amelia stood up from her crouched position and jogged backward until she hit the wall of the shed where the cemetery tools were kept. She stopped and watched her best friend turn into something unrecognizable.

From the sky, a swirl of clouds and dust merged and spun and descended onto the ground at Raina's feet. The box that once held the scroll flipped open and floated into the air.

A distant cry was audible and sounded as though it came from within the box, and as the seconds passed, the cry became louder and louder. As the funnel cloud increased in speed, it glowed red and purple, casting a violet glow on Raina's porcelain skin. She smiled as her lips twitched and reached her arm out, extending her fingers as if to touch the spinning cloud.

From within the funnel, an arm extended outward and grabbed onto Raina's arm. The spinning and the screaming stopped; the cloud disappeared. As Raina chanted out the last part of the spell, she dissimulated into powder flecks that furiously formed a funnel and headed straight into the box, where it slammed shut and fell back the graveyard ground.

Raina screamed profusely as her body was sucked into the box and forced into the underworld. She fell, faster and faster, and as she continued her viscous spiral into the underworld, her body fused back together until she was back in her human form, and she dropped onto the cold and dark ground.

As she rose from the ground and studied the scenery, for once Raina was impressed and words escaped her. She investigated her hands, where she held the coveted fairy book and last part of the chant to release the real Pandora. In the distance she heard screams, screeches and agony from the beings that were prisoners of the underworld.

The sky was black and the only color giving a soft glow was the two Sphinx that stood miles high, guarding the entrance. As Raina walked closer, the Sphinx said, “Necromancer, you have come on a journey in the search. For you to pass and find what you seek, you must answer our riddle.

Raina swallowed and stopped breathing momentarily as her eyes watered in fear of what she saw. The Sphinx said, “You are here to release the necromancer fairy, Pandora?”

She nodded while she shook in fear of the grand Sphinx who began the riddle.

It brings back the lost as though never gone, shines laughter and tears with light long since shone; a moment to make, a lifetime to shed; valued then but lost when you're dead. What is it I speak of?”

She paced around, rubbing her hands together as they shook, and the fear remained in her eyes as they darted back and forth at the ground she paced upon. She recited the riddle, mumbling the words to herself. “Brings back the lost? Shines laughter and tears? It couldn't be the sun. The sun doesn't take a moment to make. A moment to make...a moment to make. A lifetime to shed. Valued, but lost when you are dead. Lost when you are dead. Well, that could be a body, money, but no... not taking a moment to make.

While Raina was mumbling to herself, the Sphinx said, “Raina, what is it that plagues you, drives you and keeps you stuck in this life. How you fight it even in your dreams. What is it you carry within you have rarely shared, the darkened times of a darkened person whom you have yet to forgive? Where does he live?

She gasped, covered her mouth as if she didn't want to say it aloud. To know something that has brought so much pain, that through her life she couldn't forget. She dropped her hands to her side and looked back to the Sphinx. “Memory. Memories. That is the answer.”

Suddenly the Sphinx vanished, and all Raina could see was the emptiness in the underworld with a darkened blue hue. The atmosphere seemed empty but with an audible howling wind that Raina walked through. She squinted her eyes and held her arm up to cover her eyes from the howling wind.

After a while of rambling through the cold and dark underworld, the howling winds calmed. Raina uncovered her eyes, and the one she searched for appeared. Pandora stood within the shadows. Her long wings drug the hard ground, and the rustling of her boots startled Raina into backtracking.

“Who are you?” Pandora shouted.

Raina whispered, “It is me, Raina, I summoned you from your box.”

Pandora's cold eyes emerged from the dark. “You? Raina? I do not understand.”

“I answered the Sphinx riddle. I freed you.” Raina stuttered on her words.

Before Pandora could respond, the howling winds returned vigorously and blew them into the underworld's atmosphere, fiercely slamming them through the air. The two formed a funnel as it swept them upward before they broke apart into fragments. As their bodies broke apart, their horrid screams were audible as it sucked them back through Pandora's box.

Within the graveyard, Amelia and Esmra remained with the invisible demons. As Raina and Pandora disappeared into the box, their screams remained audible and then their bodies reformed again, as though they were never taken apart, and landed on their feet of the graveyard, stunning the onlookers.

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