Pre - Order Lahash & Black Moon Lilith

Well I hope everyone has had a great new year start! I have been busy, hence the lack of being able to post. But the good news is, the book set to publish this summer is finished and going through rewrites.

As I go through and edit, I am diving into a little more about Sophia. She is somewhat of the central character in the book, aside from Lahash. He is now my favorite character of any I have written. But I think Sophia makes a good character too and it may be her (in a different form) that a story has emerged I will soon write.

Instead of writing about a distant time, I do know that I will write in the present, first person and more than likely it will be Lahash's point of view or Sophia's. Readers will get a hint of what the next book will be at the end of Lahash and Black Moon Lilith. I am excited about the next one, as I have already started outlining the next story and plot.

Also at the end of Black Moon Lilith, readers will get his reference to Meridian Chronicles and the beginning of that story about of the witches in Salem. Continue to read and excerpt, get a link for a free sample and a link for a free ebook from Meridian Chronicles Series.

Which I have been asked if I will write more on the Meridian Chronicles Series. I suppose I did and it started with Nevoc & The Necromancer. But I suppose that question meant will I add more?

I have not decided in whole. However I have had a few ideas come to mind to continue Meridian and Aiden's story, but I will more than likely call it a different series all together.

So with that said, here is a little from Lahash in the book out this summer!

Here is a preview excerpt of Chapter 25 Lahash & Black Moon Lilith

Scroll down for the link to download the sample

A dark feeling crept over me and every time I looked at Carlo, who stared out of the carriage window to avoid unpleasant discussion, the feeling darkened. I felt a wash of cold despair course through these veins within the flesh that clothed my correct form. One that I believe, if were to emerge, would certainly scare the good ole’ boys into less dubious behavior. Maybe they would turn to their faith, or in short, stop running around behind their wives’ backs with most elicit debauchery.

And as dark as the wash of feeling raced over me, the sky, though dark to the human eye, I could see beyond the night sky, beyond, into the reaches of space. With this luxury came another price of seeing what stood over this planet. Like a plague that these humans didn’t have a sense of. A warped cloth of evil so great that even I as a demon shutter to imagine what will become of this evening’s events.

I questioned the many things that Lilith would bring with her own wrath and desire to inflict as much pain and sorrow onto these unsuspecting men. Then I recalled the night in the secret room where Vincent spoke to the unknown man to assist the women onto the pentagram, the book. The secret book that rested within the secret room where Lilith would come.

If the rumors were true, that Lilith comes to Earth to murder and slain men, women and children, then why would it not be written in the book? Certainly, would serve as a warning to these idiots, but what ever is in that book, harkens back. They long for something that have never seen, but much feel a part of. But why? Are there lives so mundane that they would seek such evil? Do they believe making a deal with the devil’s mistress will somehow give them this power? What power? Over who?

I had spent so much time wooing Sophia and wasting time with man boy that I never took the time to understand this. Then the carriage stopped and as I stepped out of the carriage, I looked over to my mare, who still snorted at me when I came near and then I had to look at the sign above Cortigiana’s and remember the first day that I came here, following William.

As I went in, the place certainly had a distinct feeling. Before we could enter with the elite in the house, minus the usual clientele, this night was invitation only. I recalled when I asked man child if it were a masquerade and he didn’t answer.

The Masquerade of Darkness

By the time I discovered I was supposed to wear a mask, I felt the subtle nudge on my elbow. Carlo whispered to me that the servers were giving masks at the door. Apparently, there was no need to bring one. Everyone was expected to wear a mask over not just our eyes, but the entirety of our faces. We were also given black robes with hoods to be in total mystery and seclusion.

Once we presented our invitations, there were also robed women, dressed similar to the gentlemen. But they wore purple. They wrapped our heads with our masks and they did so with subtle eroticism as they allowed their hands to fall down our backs with whispers. They said, “Gentiluomo, goditi la serata.” Gentlemen enjoy the evening.

I couldn’t help but smile under my mask, one voice seemed familiar to me. By the way of her height, it was not Mona, but it was hypnotic. And then I realized, she sounded like the vixen I met in Venice the night of the masquerade. It was her, but why would she be here? I knew it wasn’t a far reach to know she was as promiscuous as she was beautiful, but I would not imagine someone of her stature would be here. Things didn’t add to me at all.

I moved through the room and as I thought of hypnotic ideas; I recalled the night that man child tried to poison me. And as we walked into Cortigiana’s, seeing the other women in disguise made me think more of what may be in those drinks. So I took one from one server and held it up to the light, and it was then that the hypnotic voice returned.

“Beautiful glasses, aren’t they?” she said.

I brought my arm down and faced the stranger and I said, “Yes, and I wondered what else they would put in such a glass. Do you?”

“What do you mean?” she said, “the finest liquor is in those glasses. You should try it.”

“I bet I have had better.” I took in the aroma of the dark brown liquor and it wasn’t anything more than a scotch. “Have we met?”

She took a moment to reply, “Yes, in Venice. I would remember that voice anywhere.

“Likewise,” I replied.

She leaned in towards me and said, “I work for Vincent. He calls on my services for big events and I hoped I would see you here.”

“Me? Why?”

“Because I remember what you said, that you were a demon. And you have a raincheck to make up for.”

She was really coming onto me and I couldn’t believe that I found myself hesitant especially on a night such as this, but something hinted to me from deep within my darkened soul, that she too must have a pension for the dark to be here in employment for Vincent. So, I asked her, “What is your role tonight? Are you one of the escorts?”

Snickering she replied, “Not exactly, I am, let’s say in the service for Louis, Vincent and others. Her hand waved around as she referenced the high rollers of the evening. “I am paid very well to entertain and to keep secrets.”

There was that word. Secrets. “Let’s go somewhere quieter, shall we?”

My eyes scanned the room and as I thought, there were plenty of men to make it appear it was full, but not near the many that came regularly. And why would there be on such a night of only the elites? It didn’t matter; I was looking for little William and his father and I wanted to avoid Vincent and make it to the secret room to read from this book. A book I believe that only Vincent himself knew of.

Carlo was already distracted with one of the robed women. Not seeing his face didn’t matter, I could read his body language from afar. She wh