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Love romance? Love the dark? Halloween is perfect to jump into a new book and a new book series! So my release isn't until November 13th. Conveniently Friday the 13th, but I am going to do another giveaway for this paperback and also those who are interested can sign up to review books. All you need is time to read and time to post a review in exchange for a free copy. First check out some excerpts of the books I have already written and keep up with the new book; The Demon Chronicles: Nevoc & The Necromancer.

Paranormal Romance Series

I started a new paranormal romance series, but this one you don't have to read the books to understand anything. My previous series you have to read them in order, however, the editors said a person could start at book 3 and have a good idea what was going on, but book two for sure is a good start if you skip the first book. Which ones are they?

Meridian Chronicles Series

  1. Hall of Souls & The Book of The Fairies

  2. Black Widow Curse & The Coven

  3. Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court

  4. Keepers & The Soul Key


Not all witches are evil and one particular witch Esmra is good friends with a woman who has psychic abilities. Tallulah is the one who takes Meridian in after she is cursed and falls to Earth without memory of who she really is. Things seem to go well with her new friend and even a good witch's help, but in comes a dark witch, named Raina who is in three books I have written, and the latest she is the main character in Nevoc and The Necromancer.

Dark Witch

Raina is a gifted witch, but she falls prey to the dark and uses her magic for revenge. Well, anyone knows all magic comes back times three, right? Well, Raina doesn't seem to care what happens as so long as she gets her way. In her mind it is her way or the highway and as the plot thickens throughout the books, a reader may really hate her, but the back story of why she ended up the way she does may have you sympathetic.

Curse &Demons

Are they all bad? Sure we have seen movies where they are depicted as scary and unholy.

But look at shows like Lucifer where you almost feel sorry for the devil and isn't that a strange way to feel? Of course, the characters in my books that are demons all have their evil qualities particular you may feel sorry for, especially if you read my next book coming out, Lahash and Black Moon Lilith.

Humor & Fairies

Is it all dark? No, actually I have a character named Relic, and he is the sarcastic one of the bunch, but his arch nemesis is the demon Lahash and shows he to has a sophisticated show of arrogance and his dark humor that he brings. The fairy queen's daughter sure knows how to keep everyone on their toes.

Here is an Excerpt:

Black Widow Curse & the Coven. Meridian has been kidnapped and her sarcastic crush is mildly agitated as he looks for her. But he can still whip out some humor in the scene.

Meanwhile, Luna and Talon led the rest of the guides out as they searched for Meridian. Relic was becoming upset as they started the hunt. His speech was rushed, and he was fidgeting with his jacket as he moved quickly through town. Ridge took more notice of Relic’s agitated state. Relic looked over to Ridge, “What! What are you looking at? Am I not allowed to be worried?”

“Well, hothead, use your common sense. If Warrick is behind this, and he has deals with the dark realm, ask yourself, who do the dark ones feed from?” Ridge asked.

“Oh, okay, Mr. Logical. So, where is she?” Relic popped off.

“Well, smartass, try the bar we were at yesterday.” Ridge was irritated with Relic as he stood with his hands on his hips and jiggled his legs.

“Why? There with the witches? Please,” Relic argued.

“Will you two quit? I agree. Esmra wants Raina, and she is dark. Let’s go.” Luna stormed off as she spoke and was not taking no for an answer.

Relic relaxed his composure, dropped his hands, and left his mouth hanging open as he took in Luna’s attitude. “Wow! I like this new you! All spunky and bossy. Where was this a while back?”

“Shut up! You are finally getting on my nerves, and we need to get this done,” Luna replied.

Relic walked behind the fired-up fairy and was snickering with a big smile. Ridge took notice to Relic’s reaction. “Marital trouble already? So, Mr. Hot pants, you think you can handle it?” Ridge laughed at Relic.

“Of course, I can. I mean the feistier, the better,” Relic replied laughing.

“Really, then why weren’t you interested in Cora?” Ridge asked.

“Who said I wasn’t, at one point?” Relic winked as he walked off and caught up to talk to Luna.

They strolled through Salem in an attempt to find Meridian before they reached Nevoc. As they walked, Kieren and Ridge were visiting about Talon. “I don’t understand. If demons and fallen draw their power from the ill-willed humans or from negativity, why does Talon become enraged when faced with the very thing he needs?” Kieren asked.

“You have a good question and point,” Ridge said as he watched Talon in front of him looking for Meridian. “Talon needs that, and he does get his life force and energy from it. I can’t be sure why he reacts to things, but I would guess that he still has some of his guide sentiments and has certain feelings about things. If you notice, he doesn’t become the hulk, as Relic calls him, unless it is out of protection for those he cares for. We know he has love for Aiden, and it appears he is quite protective of Meridian. I think he fights this curse that Warrick put on him,” Ridge explained. Kieren was quiet with intrigue to Ridge’s insight and gazed upon the fallen wonder with new-found respect.

The group made it back to the bar where they had been the day before with Meridian. Luna stood looking at the building and studied the name of the bar. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sign. Talon walked around the building examining the area and those around who were coming in and out of the bar. Kieren and Ridge were still catching up and were chatting away in the hope of helping Meridian. Relic watched his fairy wife, and with his growing curiosity about the fairy, he had to ask her questions - despite her irritation for him. “What is it?” he asked.

“The name of the bar. Didn’t anyone notice?” Luna pointed to the sign.

“What about it? Nevoc? Strange, but just a name,” Kieren stated.

Mystery & Secrets

Who doesn't love a little mystery? These books all have mystery weaved in the pages. Who is Meridian's twin soul? How will she break her curse? Why is Lahash the demon so infatuated with one of the fairy nymphs? Who put the cruse on Meridian? Was it a demon? Or even worse...well, you will find out when you read the books.


Oh, do I like to pack a punch with magic in my books. To me it really comes out in the second book, but there is more within the pages of the third book.

Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court.

Meridian nodded and Venus opened her book of shadows and then pulled out her crystal, shaped in a sphere. When she removed the sphere from her pouch and held it in her hand, to Aiden who could not see her only took sight of the ball itself, and it appeared to float in the air. His eyes widened as he pulled his head back in disbelief of what his eyes told him.

Esmra patted his leg and said, “It is ok, Aiden. It is Venus, she holds the crystal. Do not be afraid.”

Karma moved closer to Venus and the pair closed their eyes. Karma took both of her hands and placed them under Venus’s hands that still held the crystal. With whispers, they began a fairy chant. Their lips moved in perfect sync with one another. As they chanted in a whisper, the crystal ball glowed bright white.

“Universe who sees all, bring us a vision this night,

allow the chosen to see her twin soul when the time is right.”

The crystal ball ascended upward, away from Venus over the fire. With Meridian holding both of Aiden’s hands, Venus stood behind Aiden and Karma stood behind Meridian. The ball changed colors of the rainbow swiftly and it hovered over Aiden and Meridian.

After the crystal finished moving, the color changed, turning black. The fairy nymphs tilted their heads back and from each nymph came a charge of electric light from their bodies. Each nymph propelled her own ray of light into the crystal ball.

Once the pair of lights met the crystal ball, immense winds picked up and blew their hair back. The tree branches in the garden sway back and forth and petals from the garden flowers knocked loose from their stems and flew bountiful through the high winds.

The black crystal ball lit up and inside, an electrical dance played out. From the ball a bright white light shot up and surrounded them.

For Meridian, the scenery took a change. She could no longer see where she was at and found herself to be standing in the darkness, without a soul in sight. “What is happening?”

Esmra said, “It is okay, Meridian! You are still with us; the nymphs are showing you the way! Stay calm.”

Meridian studied her surroundings that gave way from darkness to visions, starting with the hospital where she saw Aiden, like an infant for the first time. She watched herself, as her mother, Arianna, motioned for her to follow her and Caius into the portal from the hospital back to Etheria. As soon as they entered the portal, the scene changed again. Next, Meridian found herself in the fairy realm with Kieren where they shared their first kiss and the scene continued to unfold when Relic jumped in and tore Kieren away from her.

In a snap, the scene was gone, Meridian now walked alongside Relic in the club where she, Relic, and Caius met Talon for the first time. Relic laughed and played around with Meridian when she questioned about the mysterious ghost that flew over their heads as they marched through the club. She heard the sounds of the techno music playing as though she was there.

With another split, Meridian saw herself as a young guide, childlike where she played with her parents, Arianna and Caius. They walked to Etheria’s palace where the gatherings took place for new guides that came to be in Etheria.

Meridian turned her head and she was taken from that memory, further back to the time of her creation and spirit guide birth. She stared at a large, perfectly sized crystal quartz. Inside the quartz was Meridian as a newborn. Meridian looked away from the quartz that held her infant self and saw past the night sky, into space where a bright star burned, shooting out immense heat and light from both sides. She blinked and the memories stopped, and she stood within the hall of souls, surrounded by the keepers.

Meridian squinted at the brightness they exuded, turning her face away from them.

“Meridian, dear child, we have been waiting for you. The time has come for you to awaken, open yourself to what you do not know. See what you cannot see, hear what you cannot hear. Do you know what I speak of?” the Angel asked.

Meridian shook her head in disbelief and said, “No, I don’t understand. Where am I?”

“You are home, child, where all human souls come to rest and then begin new once more. Here we are the keepers, the watchers over human souls.”

Meridian turned her confused face to the angels. Her eyes barely broke away and scanned the large doors that adorned the walls of where she stood. “I don’t understand, you create souls?”

The Angel spoke, “We do not create souls, dear Meridian. We are the keepers. Souls are created by higher energy, from within another plane in the cosmos. The souls we watch over are the ones who have transcended throughout each human life, ready for the next life as a newborn child. When a spirit guide’s time has drawn to a close, we take the soul in. Guides live thousands of years, but you do not live forever.”

Meridian asked the Angel with disbelief but curiosity. “Is it my time? Have I passed?”

The angel came closer to Meridian and reached his hand out to rest it upon her head. “I am Gabriel. No, it is not your time to pass. It is your time to heal. Do you understand what you must do?”

“No, I am sorry. Please. Help me. I feel . . .” Meridian was cut short.

“You are lost and seek to find your way once more. Who do you believe will help you find your way?” the angel said.

Another vision appeared where she watched the scene play out when she went to the dark realm with the other guides and Talon. The moment it was time to answer the dark one’s riddle played in slow motion.

The Angel asked once more, “Who do you believe will help you find your way? What was it that darkened your journey to the dark realm? Who is it that holds you back from answering your own question about your dark curse? Who do you believe will help you find your way home once again?”

The scene stopped at the moment of truth, when Meridian stood in the dark realm as the guides were desperate to answer the dark one’s riddle. Meridian stood still with the Angels as she stared at the frozen scene, where it was she that needed to answer the riddle. She blinked her sad eyes and with it came a single tear that streamed down her face.

“All this time, the entire time. I think I understand now. I know who it is.” Meridian said. The scene from the dark realm vanished, where only she and the Angels stood. “The person is me. It is me. It has always been me.”

The Angel moved closer to Meridian and his ominous voice became louder with intensity. “What is it you need to see but cannot see. What is it you need to hear, but do not hear, dear Meridian?”

Meridian’s solitary tear became a river as the tears saturated her pale skin. Her cheeks flushed red, her body shook while she cried. She drew a deep breath and closed her eyes and said, “Faith.”

When Meridian opened her eyes, she no longer stood before the Angels. They were gone, without so much as a whisper. There at a distance stood a figure of a man. His appearance waved like water when he moved toward Meridian, and as the figure emerged more clearly to her, the figure stopped and stood still.

His hands dangled at his sides. He was tall and dressed in all black. Meridian struggled to connect who the being was that stood in place of the Angels.

Another string of visions played out in front of her. In her mind’s eye she recounted her dream she had while she lay asleep at Tallulah’s. The bright light shone, burning her eyes. A voice from within the bright light spoke to her and said, “I am always here and I carry you in my heart. I sleep with the Angels and I am never too far from you.

Still crying, in an instant she knew who the figure was, the man that stood before her. She ran with tears pouring from her eyes, arms wide open as she let out a childlike laugh. “Father! Father!”

There he stood, tall and humble. Caius was ready to embrace his only daughter. Meridian collided into her father with force as she threw herself onto him. With a deep embrace, she held onto him, burying her face into his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Aiden stood still within the protection of the bright light with his own visions from the time he was a child until the present time with Meridian. He was reliving his own memory the day at the old oak tree where he stood and believed it was his mother contacting him after her passing.

To onlookers, both Meridian and Aiden were in a deep meditative state. Their eyes closed while they held one another’s hands. The fairy nymphs still in a posture of propelling their power into the crystal, the winds howled, and the trees sang with high notes of wisps and swift beats as their branches brushed together. It pulled away from the petals from Esmra’s rose bush from where they decorated a corner of the garden, into the magical fairy winds that Karma and Venus created.

Aiden’s next vision was once again the procession of events in his reoccurring dream that did not bring to any answers on who the strange woman was that lay quietly in her hospital bed. Aiden’s eyes tightly squinted while they remained closed and his jaw locked shut while his cheeks fluttered with the tiny motions of his jaw biting with frustration. His grip on Meridian held stronger.

Once more the events in Aiden’s dream played out; he awoke from a night of sleep from the couch in the waiting room, journeyed down the hall of a busy hospital and approached the room again, pushing the door open. As he struggled to see who was in bed, he collapsed to the floor. The five apparitions that continued to glow stood at his feet while the three orbs floated above the stranger in the bed. The stranger that only for a moment gave a hint to her identity with her blonde hair that hung over the bedside railing.

Aiden rolled over onto his back while on the floor and one of the five apparitions again pointed to the stranger in the bed and said, “Would you die for her?”

Aiden strained to lift his head from the floor, with only the sounds of his own breathing and heartbeat racing through his mind. The harder he struggled to raise his body upward, the tighter the invisible hold gripped him. The doctors and the nurses continued their hurried pace around the bed, while the two individuals who stood at the end of the bed stood frozen and still.

Aiden fought to get free, he gritted his teeth and arched his back fighting the force that held him to the floor. He screamed as loud as he could, but no one noticed him, only the five glowing apparitions that stood quietly at his feet. He continued to fight to move any part of his body he could to free himself.

The fairy nymphs still at Meridian and Aiden’s side sang in high-pitched operatic voices in a language that no being or human would understand. As their pitches grew in harmony of one another, the nymphs’ voices were in perfect sync. With every elevated pitch, with every syllable that left their delicate lips their wings slowly extended from their resting positions. The magical rays that connected to the crystal pulsed slowly and increased in sync with the octave of their song.

As the pulses of magical light increased, their wings fully extended and fluttered back and forth in sync with their beautiful song and rays of light beaming from their bodies.

Aiden, still standing quietly but stiff in his trance, engrossed in his vision of an endless dream, slowly was released from the invisible death grip that held him on the floor. Just as he realized that he was no more in a grip, he raised slowly and placed both hands on the floor to push himself up and get to the strange woman in the bed. As he jumped to his feet, his eyes shot over to the bed where his view of the woman remained obstructed, however another being appeared to Aiden.

On the other side of the bed stood what appeared to be a ghost with blonde hair, but her face remained a mystery, giving a watery appearance, remaining a blur to Aiden. No matter how he struggled to face this ghost, she eluded him.

Aiden continued to try to make out the mystery ghost as he took one step forward toward the bedside. In a blink of an eye, he was no longer standing in the hospital, but at the oak tree, down the long dirt drive, just yards from his home. The special place where his first blind encounter with Meridian took place. In his mind’s eye he watched himself go through the motions the day he first sensed Meridian.

Aiden stopped in his tracks, while Meridian who remained an enigma to him, placed her hand on his chest and stood before him. Suddenly something disturbed the glorious moment he experienced again in exchange for the sinister delights of the dark realm.

Aiden looked up to the once blue and quiet sky now stolen from his dream, for the dark clouds swiftly blanketing the once sunny sky. Winds hurled, bringing what appeared to be tornadic waves of gale force winds, hurling dead birds through the air. Once again, a ghost with blonde hair made her appearance, frantically flying over his head, giving a warning.

She pointed to the space in front of him. Aiden dropped his head to see the space, and there stood Meridian with her hand on his chest, like the time before. She stood dressed in the same black outfit the night they met at Stephanie’s bar. Her raven hair dangling around her shoulders moving in slow motion, even with the winds of terror, she appeared nearly immune from the wind. A tendril of hair swept over her green eyes and her beaming smile took over her face.

Aiden brought his hand to her face as she softly smiled and stared into his eyes. Leaning in, he closed his eyes and his lips met hers. At the moment he pressed his lips against her lips, he hesitated. His jaw and his lips tightened. He pulled his head away and opened his eyes and there in front of him stood someone else. Someone that turned a dream into a nightmare. There the witch herself stood smiling.

Aiden shouted and fell to the ground with shock. “Raina! What? How? What are you doing here?”

Raina threw her head back and her evil laugh echoed throughout his mind and grew louder the more he shouted. “Stop! What are you doing?” Aiden said as he jumped to his feet and moved away from the dark witch.

Raina abruptly stopped laughing and brought her chin down. She tightened up her lips with a smile only showing a hint of her black teeth. She locked her eyes on Aiden, who now had moved several feet away from the witch near the old oak tree.

“I would come back for Meridian. I will never let you have her. She is mine. Pyro has blessed me with power and soon Ipos and I will join and take over Earth.” Raina laughed again. “No one can stop me. We will rid this planet of all spirit guides and mankind will be ours!”

Suddenly Aiden awoke from his meditative state. The fairies’ light had disconnected from the crystal and the howling winds subsided. Meridian opened her eyes.

Meridian turned around and Karma stood behind her. Karma asked, “What did you see?”

Romance Novels - Heros &


What about the Angels? Well, I reference them in my books, but readers don't really get to see much of them and what they can do until the end of the series. My books are loaded with cliffhangers, particularly in the Meridian Chronicles Series, but the big ending in Keepers & The Soul Key will show you that all was not for nothing and that there does exist a happy ending after going through hell and back. Here is a look at the last book in the series. In the books they reside in the Hall of Souls, but in the end, they have to "shake" things up a bit, even if it means tearing down the realm, for the sake of humanity and the spirits.

Valefor and the Angel were finished exchanging words. The Angel unleashed an attack alongside two other Angels. With a snap of their fingers, they created a quake, shaking the castle, and the ceiling continued to crack. The walls were slowly giving way to the shaking. Outside, Meridian, Orion, and Selena’s faces changed in the face of the horror as they felt the realm shake.

“I have never heard of quakes in Etheria!” Selena grabbed Orion for support.

“There aren’t any!” Meridian shouted, took the sword from her father, and plunged up the stairs into the war zone as other guides ran out of the castle, chased by demons. The fallen ran behind Talon to exit alongside the trample of spirit guides.

“Wait for Valefor to do the dirty job. We will not allow him to take away the chance for us to stay here in Etheria and have what we deserve!” Warrick shouted to Astaroth, who remained in the castle and now locked eyes with Meridian.

“Is she mad?” Relic shouted.

“I guess so!” Kieren said as he dodged debris.

Outside the castle, many had escaped and stood to watch a crumbling castle. Inside Meridian sprung away, flanking Valefor to get to Astaroth.

As Valefor’s razor claws brushed her arm and sent her blue blood spewing, she winced in pain, grabbing her arm, but she did not stop. She made it to the imposter, Astaroth, who remained a perfect mirror image of her and in Meridian’s pain, she stole the sword.

She knocked Astaroth to the ground and then locked eyes on Warrick, who was on her list to destroy.

The realm continued to shake as the Angels continued to let all beings know who was in charge. Ipos escaped another fight of his own with Lahash and arrived back at the castle. He saw Astaroth and Meridian in a standoff, with Warrick nearby still in his demon form.

Valefor and Ipos stood together, plotting how to get past the angels into the hall of souls so Valefor could take what he believed was his, the Universe’s power. “Ipos, you have been gone all this time, and now you come back. Why?”

“Lahash is smarter than he acts, and as much as I despise him, he is correct. I warned all of you before, and despite things can change, I am unsure how this scene will turn out. I never fathomed an Angel, or what is known as a keeper would emerge. I never saw this!” He pointed to the Keeper who remained in the doorway of the hall of souls.

Ancient Evil & Romance Genre In One

Do you believe that a supernatural creature can love? What happens when a demon experiences hurt and pain? What do you think an ancient demon's wrath looks like? This latest book isn't an urban fantasy. It is more of a historical paranormal fiction in Italy. I was bold here in that I didn't write it from a third person point of view.

This time it is from the demon's point of view. Lahash is his name and he follows a young man around who is full of deceit and secrets. It is from the downtrodden and evil that demons flourish. Just by chance he has a younger sister and it would please Lahash to have her and be a dark lover. So he goes on a mission to ask Lilith, the female demon who has been cast away, to grant him a favor. In this paranormal romance series, I do not make my demons to be seen in the traditional light. He is granted an entitlement to come to Earth in the flesh as he believes it is his fate to be with this new found love. Of course there is always a catch, but I would rather keep the reader in suspense because the demon, Lahash, is in suspense not knowing what will come because of his passion for his new love interest.

What do you think a demoness like Lilith would want after granting such a favor to Lahash to find a mate? You will have to wait and find out in August 2021 when the recent addition to the series releases.

Bloggers and reviewers can request a copy of this book to review.

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