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Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Paranormal Romance Books & Action

Love romance? Love the dark? Halloween is perfect to jump into a new book and a new book series! So my release isn't until November 13th. Conveniently Friday the 13th, but I am going to do another giveaway for this paperback and also those who are interested can sign up to review books. All you need is time to read and time to post a review in exchange for a free copy. First check out some excerpts of the books I have already written and keep up with the new book; The Demon Chronicles: Nevoc & The Necromancer.

Paranormal Romance Series

I started a new paranormal romance series, but this one you don't have to read the books to understand anything. My previous series you have to read them in order, however, the editors said a person could start at book 3 and have a good idea what was going on, but book two for sure is a good start if you skip the first book. Which ones are they?

Meridian Chronicles Series

  1. Hall of Souls & The Book of The Fairies

  2. Black Widow Curse & The Coven

  3. Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court

  4. Keepers & The Soul Key


Not all witches are evil and one particular witch Esmra is good friends with a woman who has psychic abilities. Tallulah is the one who takes Meridian in after she is cursed and falls to Earth without memory of who she really is. Things seem to go well with her new friend and even a good witch's help, but in comes a dark witch, named Raina who is in three books I have written, and the latest she is the main character in Nevoc and The Necromancer.

Dark Witch

Raina is a gifted witch, but she falls prey to the dark and uses her magic for revenge. Well, anyone knows all magic comes back times three, right? Well, Raina doesn't seem to care what happens as so long as she gets her way. In her mind it is her way or the highway and as the plot thickens throughout the books, a reader may really hate her, but the back story of why she ended up the way she does may have you sympathetic.

Curse &Demons

Are they all bad? Sure we have seen movies where they are depicted as scary and unholy.

But look at shows like Lucifer where you almost feel sorry for the devil and isn't that a strange way to feel? Of course, the characters in my books that are demons all have their evil qualities particular you may feel sorry for, especially if you read my next book coming out, Lahash and Black Moon Lilith.

Humor & Fairies

Is it all dark? No, actually I have a character named Relic, and he is the sarcastic one of the bunch, but his arch nemesis is the demon Lahash and shows he to has a sophisticated show of arrogance and his dark humor that he brings. The fairy queen's daughter sure knows how to keep everyone on their toes.

Here is an Excerpt:

Black Widow Curse & the Coven. Meridian has been kidnapped and her sarcastic crush is mildly agitated as he looks for her. But he can still whip out some humor in the scene.

Meanwhile, Luna and Talon led the rest of the guides out as they searched for Meridian. Relic was becoming upset as they started the hunt. His speech was rushed, and he was fidgeting with his jacket as he moved quickly through town. Ridge took more notice of Relic’s agitated state. Relic looked over to Ridge, “What! What are you looking at? Am I not allowed to be worried?”

“Well, hothead, use your common sense. If Warrick is behind this, and he has deals with the dark realm, ask yourself, who do the dark ones feed from?” Ridge asked.

“Oh, okay, Mr. Logical. So, where is she?” Relic popped off.

“Well, smartass, try the bar we were at yesterday.” Ridge was irritated with Relic as he stood with his hands on his hips and jiggled his legs.

“Why? There with the witches? Please,” Relic argued.

“Will you two quit? I agree. Esmra wants Raina, and she is dark. Let’s go.” Luna stormed off as she spoke and was not taking no for an answer.

Relic relaxed his composure, dropped his hands, and left his mouth hanging open as he took in Luna’s attitude. “Wow! I like this new you! All spunky and bossy. Where was this a while back?”

“Shut up! You are finally getting on my nerves, and we need to get this done,” Luna replied.

Relic walked behind the fired-up fairy and was snickering with a big smile. Ridge took notice to Relic’s reaction. “Marital trouble already? So, Mr. Hot pants, you think you can handle it?” Ridge laughed at Relic.

“Of course, I can. I mean the feistier, the better,” Relic replied laughing.

“Really, then why weren’t you interested in Cora?” Ridge asked.

“Who said I wasn’t, at one point?” Relic winked as he walked off and caught up to talk to Luna.

They strolled through Salem in an attempt to find Meridian before they reached Nevoc. As they walked, Kieren and Ridge were visiting about Talon. “I don’t understand. If demons and fallen draw their power from the ill-willed humans or from negativity, why does Talon become enraged when faced with the very thing he needs?” Kieren asked.

“You have a good question and point,” Ridge said as he watched Talon in front of him looking for Meridian. “Talon needs that, and he does get his life force and energy from it. I can’t be sure why he reacts to things, but I would guess that he still has some of his guide sentiments and has certain feelings about things. If you notice, he doesn’t become the hulk, as Relic calls him, unless it is out of protection for those he cares for. We know he has love for Aiden, and it appears he is quite protective of Meridian. I think he fights this curse that Warrick put on him,” Ridge explained. Kieren was quiet with intrigue to Ridge’s insight and gazed upon the fallen wonder with new-found respect.

The group made it back to the bar where they had been the day before with Meridian. Luna stood looking at the building and studied the name of the bar. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sign. Talon walked around the building examining the area and those around who were coming in and out of the bar. Kieren and Ridge were still catching up and were chatting away in the hope of helping Meridian. Relic watched his fairy wife, and with his growing curiosity about the fairy, he had to ask her questions - despite her irritation for him. “What is it?” he asked.

“The name of the bar. Didn’t anyone notice?” Luna pointed to the sign.

“What about it? Nevoc? Strange, but just a name,” Kieren stated.

Mystery & Secrets

Who doesn't love a little mystery? These books all have mystery weaved in the pages. Who is Meridian's twin soul? How will she break her curse? Why is Lahash the demon so infatuated with one of the fairy nymphs? Who put the cruse on Meridian? Was it a demon? Or even worse...well, you will find out when you read the books.


Oh, do I like to pack a punch with magic in my books. To me it really comes out in the second book, but there is more within the pages of the third book.

Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court.