Relic & Lahash Verbal Spar in the dark realm

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Most readers know, Lahash is my favorite character. Why? Hard to say really, but maybe it is because he is independent, sarcastic and a snazzy dresser:) Second in line is Relic. More the arch nemesis of Lahash's. Here is a brief interaction between the pair, coming up in the new book.

The dark one’s voice, slow and deliberate spouted his cryptic riddle, taking amusement in Meridian’s pain. His voice trailed off, as though he was waiting on something, but not the answer to the riddle which was anyone’s guess. Relic, the spirit guide who had his fill of demonic riddles ridden with deceit, took an ironic attitude toward the dark one.

“And here we go again. Another riddle. Who deceived you last? Well, that list is long but distinguished.” Relic broke away from his supporters, marching around the dark realm as though he was doing the place a favor by being there. Halfcocked grin, backed with a hint of rage, his cloak of sarcasm was unraveling, revealing the source of his anger and frustration.

“So, we are all here, Lahash kidnapped echo, Aiden’s soul has been stolen, and I’ll bet Mr. Warrick still has it in for Meridian.” He snorted. “So, I can’t imagine why this is happening or what is next, so do us all a favor and cut the games and the tricks. I’d rather have a go at it and watch the demons incinerate into dust!” Relic shouted as his voice deepened with rage.

Lahash was quite taken with his arch-nemesis similar rogue attitude on display and he sauntered forward to engage the loose cannon. With his arms crossed to his chest accompanied by the nonchalant attitude, his face darkened despite a quick snort. “Oh Relic, I don’t believe that you and I have had the pleasure to formally make one another’s acquaintance.”

Relic did not appear to have noticed Lahash’s quiet approach while stuck in this tempestuous swagger display. Surprised, Relic drew a sharp breath to continue, but in surprise, he shuffled his feet backward, kicking up grit from the ground.

“Oh, sure you. Yes. How could I overlook the King of the dark realm? I believe you got what you wanted; you captured a nymph. What do you want?” Relic’s eyes narrowed, turning away from the demon.

Lahash’s face grimaced as if he were suddenly disappointed. Sullen, and with the diminished light within the dark realm, his eyes appeared hollow and sunken. “Relic, you and I share similar tastes, don’t we? We both have a thing for nymphs.” Lahash parted his mouth, sucked in a quick breath.

Relic turned to face Lahash, sharing a similar aura full of disdain and disgust. “Lahash, I didn’t have to kidnap my nymph, she and I share a common interest in one another.” Relic’s tone was dismissive.

Lahash tipped his head back, opening his mouth as he let out a laugh. “Or is that what she wants you to believe?” Lahash suddenly appeared inches from Relic, they both stood squarely with locked eyes. “You see Relic, you may have your charms, but you lack sense. The entire scope of a nymph’s existence to use the lustful ways of others against them, nothing more, nothing less. No matter what you feel or think, it is you who should watch your back.”

Relic’s face angered and his lip curled as he shoved Lahash back out of his face. “There is no reason for the nymphs to use us for anything. You are the one being used by trying to use. We know what you are out for. You want to destroy the nymphs.” Relic’s anger was rising as his breathing and speech rushed.

Talon moved closer behind Meridian; his yellow eyes surveyed the demons as they watched the exchange. He was not sure how Lahash would respond, in the past he was always for himself. He continued to move closer behind Meridian, and he whispered, “Careful Meridian. I know it upsets you about this. Lahash is as ruthless as he is cunning. Remember we are on their turf.”

Lahash darted his eyes away from Relic, “Ah yes, our turf. I love how you put it so eloquently Talon. Is there anything else your precious Meridian needs to know?

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