Book Pick- September Series Collector

So I made one of my trips to Barnes and Noble and managed to pick out a book for the September Give Away.

September Series Collector Give Away is open- This is for anyone who wants to collect all paperbacks. (next year, I will host another series collector when the 3rd book comes out) So readers can win all 3. First place will get the book I got tonight, and I picked out

"White Witch, Black Curse".

I have not read this book, however Kim Harrison is a New York Times best seller..and after seeing all the reviews on goodreads...I think this would be a good book. I plan on reading it...if I can manage to finish up all the other ones sitting on my desk first:)

So who ever 1st place is, they win 3 books:) October will be the last give away for the year with my books. There will still be ongoing paperbacks by other authors:)

If you missed out...

August Give Away - Advanced copies of the new book coming out..signed & "High Voltage" by Karen Moning.

September Give Away - September Series Collector link is here

**Remember, share your unique link! Points is what wins the give aways.

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