Series Updates! Ebook Sales...Before the September Newsletter.

1. I am near finished with THE THIRD BOOK to the series! I think I will have it knocked out by the end of September. The book finally has a name!

Meridian Chronicles: "Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court"

2. I am still hosting 2 more paperback give aways for the year. September is the Series Collector Give Away. Both books to the series will be given out. 2 winners. Enter here.

3. I am having an Ebook Sale for both my books.

Book 1 will be on sale Sept. 22nd- 29th for $.99. Book 2 will be on presale for 3 days only Sept. 27th- Sept. 29th for $.99

Next year I will host more give aways starting in March through April that will include the new book that will come out next year.

This will be included in the September Newsletter next weekend. That is all I have for now. Have a good one!

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Meridian Chronicles Series Collection

Meridian Chronicles Series 4 Book Collection Available Now Goodreads these books take you on a grand adventure, making you feel like you know the people, (and non people), in the saga. I love these stories. After every book, I couldn't wait for the next! Now I'm anxiously awaiting number 5. I hope Ms fryson lives to at least 100, and never stops writing. If you like adventure, fantasy, romance, and characters you can love, or hate, or both, read this series, you will get hooked and love it.


Keepers & the Soul Key (#4) Releases April 24th


Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court (#3) From Goodreads "Wow. If possible, this third book is even better. I couldn’t get enough and anxiously await more by this fabulous writer. Aiden can’t go on without Meridian, what’s to be done. Couldn’t put it down. Received an ARC and reviewing because I love the books. Don’t miss out once it’s released."

Black Widow Curse & The Coven (#2) Netgalley Reviews "Creative, inventive, and surging with engage prose, this book is all that fantasy should be. Recommended for readers of this genre in search of a new voice." " the series has magic, mayhem, twists and turns that make you impatient for the next one, the characters will leave you loving some and hating others.This is a highly recommended must read!"

Monochrome Thriller Forest Photo Book Co

Publication TBA Click this link for free sample chapters

The Demon Chronicles (2)

Lahash & Black Moon Lilith- Free Sample Download Friday August 13, 2021

Amazon, Apple, Kobo

.99 Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies (#1)


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